Friday 28 August 2020

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Love The Way You Are

Assalamualaikum, good day dearest. Okay, unlike the previous weeks, today I wrote a review on a Chinese drama. Okay, this is quite new to me as I usually enjoyed Chinese movie and rarely found a drama that match my taste. But this one is okay.

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Title : Love The Way You Are
Episodes : 24 (45 minutes per episode)
Genre : Food, Romance, Comedy
Director : Xu Pei Shan
Writer : Xing Yi Ren
Cast : Judy Qi, Derek Chang, Ma Meng Wei, Qiu Bai Hao
Plot : 

Zhen Yuan Yuan (Judy Qi) is a supermodel under the name Eva. Eva used to be a plump girl back in high school. Even when she had achieved the ideal body size, Eva suffered from a disease called 'Balloon Man' in which she had a certain amount of calories she can consumed. If she exceed the amount, she will be plump girl she used to be. The only person that knew her secret was her boss/manager/best friend, Xiao Nan (Qiu Bai Hao). Eva then met Ruan Dong Sheng (Derek Chang) a famous chef and also her crush back in high school. Ruan Dong Sheng is a chef but he had inability to taste. 

This drama is based on a novel entitled, 'Just For Meeting You' by Haochen Zhang.


Okay, this is literally my second Chinese drama that I really enjoyed. Some others were just meh, and kind of had me pulled out from watching Chinese drama. The first one that I enjoyed was a crime, suspense drama called 'Love Me, If You Dare'. And this time I enjoyed a rom-com drama. Oh, what a change.

First off, Ruan Dong Sheng and Eva was so cute together !! They really suit each other with the visual (these two are gorgeous!), personality and even their standard of living. Ohemgii, I couldn't move on from these two. Helppp. They complete each other so well. I love that kind of things. It makes the character stronger when they had to depend on each other.

One of the funniest thing was how desperate Eva is trying to hide her identity as Yuanyuan from Dong Sheng. Even when he knew what had happened to her. Xiao Nan who initially told her to keep her secret was constantly changing side when Dong Sheng threaten to stop him from pursuing Lao Yiren (Ma Meng Wei), his PR manager.

This drama is light  so it is very easy to binge watch. Especially after having a hard day, this drama may will cheer you up with all the cuteness and humor.  I seriously couldn't stop smiling while watching this drama. Even with the secret the main lead hide from the public, it weren't such a big issues for them both. Their weakness was just used by the enemy to bring them down. Another thing that I like was how there was no potential rival to their love. Sure, there was Rebecca but she was just had an infatuation with Dong Sheng and eventually move on.

The ending was satisfying enough as both main character finally find their peace. Eva eventually realized that she didn't need to justify herself to anybody for her to be happy. Ruan Dong Sheng finally found his taste again after correcting his mistake and finally able to rebuild his father's taste. Oh, it was a very good happy ending.



  1. Cuba nak tengok drama chinese tapi tak feel la . cepat bosan . Idk why , drama korea okey tapi selected drama jugak , kalau intro dah bosan dan slow memang tak continue tengok dah .

    1. maybe sebab tak biasa... I tengok drama ni okay laa, suka dengan humor dia and dia punya main actors pun comel je

  2. i love binge type of drama... like u dont need to stress up watching it!
    like watching LOVE IS BEAUTIFUL

    1. yes ! it kinds of my stress reliever by watching this kind of drama

  3. 24 episode tu tak panjang. ok nak bookmark dulu..hehe

    1. haah, tak panjang pun lagi-lagi 45 mins je...