Tuesday 1 September 2020

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The Dude In Me

Assalamualaikum, good day dearest ! How are you all holding up this new, fresh month ? Wow, it's September already, time sure flies so fast. Anyway, this is a movie review that I should have done long ago but yeah, too lazy.

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Title : The Dude In Me 
Runtime : 122 minutes
Genre : Comedy, Fantasy
Country / Language : South Korea / Korean
Released year : 2019
Director : Kang Hyo Jin
Writer : Shin Han Sol, Jo Jong Hoon, Kang Hyo Jin
Cast : Jin Young, Park Sung Woong, Ra Mi Ran, Lee So Min
Plot : 

Kim Dong Hyun is a high school student and he was often bullied by his classmates. One day, he falls from the rooftop while trying to pick Hyun Jung's shoes. He bumped onto Jang Pan Soo who was standing below him. Jang Pan Soo is a leader of a criminal organization. When he woke up, he found out that he had switched body with Dong Hyun. He then begin to live as a high school student and found out that he had a daughter with his ex-girlfriend who is now Dong Hyun's classmate.  


To be honest, I only wanted to watch this movie because of Jin Young. He was the main reason why but as I read on the synopsis, I think it will be great because this kind of movie usually is. And I am not wrong. I had so much laughter while watching this movie. The plot was so simple and it didn't have messy story line. It is very relaxing and enjoyable for me.

At first, I am expecting Dong Hyun as the fit, handsome Jin Young but Dong Hyun was actually a fat boy! I didn't realize that Jin Young is the fat Dong Hyun bcs he looked so different ; with the extra weight on his belly and cheeks and that nerd spectacles, he don't look like Jin Young, at all. He almost look like Sandeul (one of the members of B1A4) instead.

With a bigger body, he really does looked like a gangster, he at least looked intimidating and it matched well with his character as 'Jang Pan Soo' soul. But, when he lose weight and finally looked like a prince charming, he somehow looked a little awkward but managed to be the cool gangster. His expression did look a little uncomfortable for me. Maybe it is because a whole new role for him so he couldn't really express well. But as the movie continue, Jin Young look more comfortable with his role and finally able to be the gangster he had to be.

Even though Park Sung Woong hold one of the major role, he missed for about thirty to one hour of the screen time due to being in comatose. When he woke up, oh man, it was hilarious ! Never though he will ever act that way! Long gone the fighter in him and only one that left was a coward high-school boy. It is definitely another side of him and he kills that high school boy role ! 

There were tons of scene that I found hilarious but there were three memorable scenes for me. First being the love confession of Jang Pan Soo in the body of Kim Dong Hyuk to Mi Seon. I couldn't help but cringe throughout that scene. Jin Young really knows how to be a lover because his character looked really sincere when he declared his love to Mi Seon. And than that kiss scene ?! Omg, I really laughed out loud, especially with the added soundtrack. Second one is when Pan Soo and Dong Hyuk confront Dong Hyuk's father with their situation. Oh my... This one really hilarious especially when Sung Woong acted cute and all expression he made, it was priceless! And last one was when Pan Soo asked his daughter to call him as dad all while he still in Dong Hyuk body! That scene should be sad or at least heart wrenching but it was too hilarious for me to be sad.

There s no better way to end the movie the way it is. Well, everything came back to normal and their soul switches again. It was a good ending for everyone. This is a great movie for a light binge-watch.

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  1. banyak sgt citer tertukar badan ni. i pun confius, ingatkan dah tengok movie ni..hehe

    1. hahaha, konsep yang menarik tapi dah overused

  2. kelakar gila bila tengok filem ini.. Memang bergelak ketawa je.. Released stress..