Monday 14 September 2020

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The Con Artists

Assalamualaikum, good day dearest ! As I was continuing with my activities of watching K-Drama and reading novels, I kind of need a break. So, I cross off one more item on my 'movies-to-watch'. I really enjoy this one and it had been recommended to me several times.

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Title : The Con Artists / The Technicians
Runtime : 116 minutes
Genre : Crime, Action, Thriller
Country / Language : South Korea / Korean
Released year : 2014
Director : Kim Hong Sun
Writer : Kim Yang Jong, Kim Hong Sun
Cast : Kim Woo Bin, Lee Hyun Woo, Ko Chang Suk
Plot : 

Ji Hyuk is an excellent safe-cracker and an forger. He works with a technician, Koo In. They planned to rob diamonds tucked in a safe vault in a high end jewelry shop owned by President Jo. Koo In then introduced Ji Hyuk to Jong Bae, an excellent hacker. The planned went well but they were caught by President Jo. Instead of locking them up, President Jo gave them a task to stole million dollars store in a unbreakable safe vault at Incheon Custom Port.


Okay, this is dope. Like really, I love the tension. It kind of blurry at first because Ji Hyuk seems to have a mission that only he knows but as the story plays, it all make sense. The moment when they robbed they jewelry shop was so intense with the police officers just around the corner. Oh my, I couldn't sit still until they really made out of the store with the diamonds.

The plot was crazy! It has been so long since I last watch something like this. The plot twist really blow my mind off ! I never thought that  Ji Hyuk had another plan, a perfect, fail-proof one. It got my jaw dropped when I knew he was alive after all. And that scenes when they finally carry out the plan to steal the politicians was crazy. I was so nervous the whole time. 

As for the casts, I love Lee Hyun Woo's character, Jong Bae. He really went out of the flower boy character that I usually watch him as. This time around, he became a hacker that betrayed his team. Even though there was not much scenes of him with computers, he really did well in going behind his team's back. It never crossed my mind that he would betrayed Ji Hyuk because he seems genuine when he denied Ji Hyuk's accusation saying that he is a traitor. Kim Woo Bin really got me hooked with his character. With his confidence and skills, he finally got the revenge(not really) that he had been planning.

The ending was so satisfying after all the tensions and thrilling scenes. I was so satisfied with this movie that I am hoping for the continuation. 

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