Friday, 30 October 2020

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The Target

Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! I am back with another movie review and this is another South Korean movie, tho, a remake from French movie.

Title : The Target
Runtime : 98 minutes
Genre : Crime, Action, Thriller
Country / Language : South Korea / Korean
Released year : 2014
Director : Chang
Writer : Jun Chul Hong
Cast : Ryu Seung Ryong, Lee Jin Wook
Plot : 

Yeo Hoon is an ex-soldier. One night, while getting pay for his brother, Sung Hoon, he encounter a murder scene. He went on run when the murderer tried to kill him. Yeo Hoon then met a car accident while trying to get away. He was sent to a hospital where Tae Joon worked. After a long hours, Tae Joon came home and was knocked out. He receives a phone call who demanded him to bring Yeo Hoon out of hospital if he wanted his wife safe and alive.
This film is a remake to a French film, 'Point Blank' directed by Fred Cavaye.


This movie is insane! I am not sure how the French (original) version works but this version was very thrilling and filled with action scenes much to my delight. Even the beginning was so surprising seeing Yeo Hoon chased by unknown man for unknown reason. 

I think it was a bit direct plot. It was expected that Yeo Hoon was framed to be the murderer for the building owner. Maybe a little twist with the Tae Joon's wife kidnapper. At first, I thought the people who wanted to kill Yeo Hoon was the one who kidnapped Tae Joon's wife but it wasn't. Yeo Hoon's younger brother was the one who kidnap her and asked Tae Joon to bring his brother out of hospital.

I was really curious of the killer identity and motives because it was rarely mentioned. When the truth came out, I was really shocked, especially when they finally had the female detective on their side only to lose it again. The truth was so crazy to even think about. How can they be so cruel and use their title for a disgusting benefit? 

Besides the craziness of the actions and tensions, there were some scenes that made me a little emotional. I can't believe that they( the killers) really kill Yeo Hoon's brother and left him like a trash. What a cruel human being. Oh, they don't even qualified to be called human. And that time when the truth came out, the female detective was shot to death with no mercy, and no warning. Everything happened so fast that I am stunned!

The ending was good and I am really glad that Yeo Hoon had a new family to turn to. Even if he lost his brother, he gained a new family with Tae Joon. The 98 minutes feels so fast with this movie.

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  1. gaining new family is the best... i love happy ending !

  2. cerita mcm ni best.. sy suka hehe

    p/s idk y..but when i saw something linked to korea it remind me alot of my fiance. wish i could fly there n see him

    1. tontonla =D

      be strong sis!! I hope this situation will get better soon so that we can actually live the way we did before the pandemic...or at least get a little bit of it

  3. Ooo remake dari point blank ye. Mcm penah tgk versi english

    1. haah remake... tajuk 'point blank' tu mmg familiar kan