Saturday, 31 October 2020

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When Sun Meets Moon

Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! Happy weekend~ Here is another review for you and this time it is a Hong Kong movie!

Title : When Sun Meets Moon
Runtime : 95 minutes
Genre : Youth, Romance
Country / Language : Hong Kong / Cantonese
Released year : 2018
Director : Benny Lau
Writer : Benny Lau, Pui Yin Wong
Cast : Daichi Harashima, Kathy Yuen
Plot : 

A heavy rainstorm in 1992 has caused a massive power outage in Hong Kong. During the night, two teenagers sneaked out of their house and went stargazing. Moon(Kathy Yuen) and Sun(Daichi Harashima) soon became familiar with each other and slowly fall in love. Sun was sent to a boarding school for a year before he leave to America, just like his father's plan. Just like the moon and the sun, they hardly see one another especially when Moon's mother was against their relationship. Time passed and it was time for Sun to move.

A light binge watch for the weekend. It's been so long since I last watch a youth movie and this really had me hooked. The overall plot can be seen as two teenagers trying to work on their relationship despite their parents oppositions. 

I really love their cute little communication when Sun was sent to the boarding school. With only weekend for his free time, they can't see each other like always, especially when the school was a little far from their tiny town. At first, they didn't have a form of communication but when Moon went to the school to see him, they begin to wrote letters to each other, even though it is against the school rule. I love how Moon had Uncle Ming (a bookstore owner where Moon works at) to cover for her and Sun had his homeroom teacher and also the garderner, Ghost to help him.

Another challenge to them was when it comes to Sun's move to America. Moon was ghosted by her mother that he will leave and forget about her once he moved and she would suffers alone. Even the supportive Uncle Ming would constantly reminded her that he would leave and their long distance relationship wouldn't work. Despite that, she put faith on him and took the chance.

I love how there will be constant mention of the stars even though it was not really informative. It kind of became their things together. Sun even bought a star and named it 'Sun Moon Star' (or was it Moon Sun Star?) in respect of their name. 

Overall, this is a great little movie for relaxing and even though it seems a little boring at first but the pace pick up gradually. 

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  1. tak pernah lagi tgk hong kong movie! i should try! diorg ckp mandarin kan? ke Cantonese?

  2. Dah lama tak layan movie HK. Dulu addicted sebelum kemunculan KDrama

  3. Jap, macam pernah tengok. Tapi macam tak. Haha sekali sekala kena sampok jin cantonese syiok jugak.

    1. Hahaha, senangnya tengok lagi sekali =P

  4. lama tak layan hong kong movie nihh hehe

  5. dah lama x tgok citer romantik dari HK ni. Tapi akan cuba tonton la nanti...

    1. jom abam! movie ni boleh tahan seronok...

  6. not really a fan of romance or love story hehehe
    nice review tho!

  7. its cute how they start with star gazing . I love stargazing tooo ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›

    its so sad their parents also against the relationship

    1. righttttt it was unique way to start the movie.... Me too ! but since i'm back home it's hard to do stargazing anymore...