Monday 1 February 2021

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Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! Hello, February! Time sure fly fast... It's already second month of the year and I still haven't update what I wanted to. Anyway, here is the k-drama review for this week.

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Title : Forest
Episodes : 32 / 30mins per episode
Genre : Romance, Drama
Director : Oh Jong Rok
Writer : Lee Sun Young
Network : KBS2
Cast : Park Hae Jin, Jo Bo Ah
Plot : 

Kang San Hyuk worked as a director for an investment company. After his mishap in front of an important client, his archenemy in company stole his project. As a revenge, San Hyuk took his project that worth billion Korean won. That project is a resort development project at Miryeong Forest. In order to develop that area, he need to relocate 119 Special Rescue Team to another place. As a person who believe that he need to get down to the work, San Hyuk joined the 119 Special Rescue as a new recruit. He then met with Jung Young Jae, a young surgeon who was moved to Miryeong Hospital due to her mistake at a hospital in Seoul. They lived together in a house and begin to develop feelings to one another. While living together in the forest, they uncover the truth of the forest and begin to heal themselves.


When I first read the summary, I thought it will be a simple romance drama because most website that I frequent omit the fact that Kang San Hyuk is a director in an investment company. Hence, I thought it will just be a romance between a rescuer and a surgeon in a rural area beside the forest. But, there was more than that when I watch it.

For the early episodes, it was a little boring and slow paced. The foundation to the plot is just to be laid out so it was quite a wait. But then, it started to get interesting when San Hyuk successfully became a part of the Special Rescue Team. This drama well balanced drama with a touch of humor, romance, brotherhood, and a little suspense. It was light in the beginning of the story, filled with humor and the start of Young Jae and San Hyuk's love. Even the suspense scene was not too heavy. For me personally, the story of contamination was unnecessary. They could have make it simple romance drama between rescuer and doctor in the forest but with the foundation that they had laid out, it fills in the loopholes.

This drama also mentioned few psychological condition as both of the main characters had a painful past during their childhood.I love how they uncover the truth about San Hyuk's past and the reason of his Phamtom pain. However, the journey to heal Young Jae's panic disorder feel a little rushed. With everything happening in the forest, her past was somehow get pushed back. I love the chemistry between both of them. They really look good together, no wonder they won Best Couple Award on 2020 KBS Drama Award. Park Hae Jin as Kang San Hyuk was really great! He really suited to be Kang San Hyuk and to be honest, he really suit this kind of character. The second couple, Oh Bomi and Choi Chang was so cute together! I love that one scene when Bomi accidentally spoke out her feelings out loud through a speaker and not even realizing it! That could top Descendant of the Sun's speaker confession, really.

Minus point, the scene changed was a little messy. One time they are talking in the present but then it suddenly changed to a past even. It really makes me confused at time. And to be honest, I do think that there was filler scene that need to be omitted. Other than that, it is a great drama to enjoy. Also, the view of that forest was so picturesque and calming. Even the OST is good!

Yuji - Always

Lune - Take Me Now

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  1. Loved, I didn't know hehe <3

  2. Cerita korea selalunya jalan cerita di mmg menarik

  3. bestnya tengok drama bertemakan nature ni. Jalan cerita pun not bad though its kinda cliche tapi menarik jugak lah

    1. yeappp, suka scenes yang diorang terlibat dalam forest tu. lawa gila!

  4. Asyik tertangguh je nak tengok drama ini.. suka hero ini..

    1. hahaha, banyak sangat ni kakshaa... hero dia mmg one of fav!