Wednesday, 3 February 2021

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The Last Woman Standing

Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! It's been so long since I last watch a Chinese movie. So here, I hope you can enjoyed this review!

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Title : The Last Woman Standing
Runtime : 95 minutes
Genre : Romance
Country / Language : China / Mandarin
Released year : 2015
Director : Luo Luo
Writer : Luo Luo
Cast : Qi Shu, Eddie Peng
Plot : 

Sheng Ruxi is a single working woman in her 30s. She craves for true love as the people at the same age as her are getting married or having a family of their own. Her mother always nagged at her to start dating and get married soon as woman should not get married at late age. Ruxi's mother then introduced her to Dr. Bai. They went on a blind date several times. At the same time, Ma Sai, a younger man started working at the same department as Ruxi.

This movie is adapted from a novel of the same name by Luo Luo.


Here is another movie for leisure watch. The plot and story-line is light even with a society issue being discussed. Hm, I am not sure is it belong to society, maybe it is more to culture. Being a woman in her 30s, Ruxi was pressured by her mother to settle down as soon as possible. Ruxi is a modern, working woman but she did wanted to get married to her true love. To satisfy her mother, she went on dates with Dr. Bai, a doctor of her mother.

She then met Ma Sai, a junior at her workplace. Being his mentor, they often spent time together. Ruxi then start to like him but due to their age difference, she keep it to herself. I really love their chemistry together. Ruxi looks more comfortable with Ma Sai and I could actually feel the tension when they're together. The feelings they had for one another but both of them are too scared to confessed. When they did, the happiness didn't last long. Ruxi's mother's health is deteriorating and she wanted to fulfill her mother wishes of being at her wedding. They then broke up and Ruxi try again with Dr. Bai.

This movie don't really have any cute or cheesy scenes that make me grinning like a fool. Even when Ma Sai and Ruxi are together, it was more of scenes what they did together, you know, the scenes without script and just song? Something like that. So yeah, don't expect that. However, I couldn't help but rooting for Ruxi and Ma Sai. I am so glad that they found each other again. 

This movie, in my opinion, is more of slice of life rather than romance. But then, I still enjoy this movie.

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  1. dulu-dulu suka layan drama cina kat TV2 petang-petang hehehe

  2. Actually loved the trailer! <3

  3. I think I should watch this drama. Thanks for sharing...

  4. Tgk gambar poster nampak menarik cerita dia

  5. Yeah Idk why , marriage its not something simple so I guess if that person still don't want to be in that phase yet so its okay . Since its need a lot of energy to make it works .

    I'm rooting for yuxi and ma said too :)

    1. agreed! tapi tulah, society puts on an expiry date for women to get married like whyyyy

  6. tengok trailer dia macam best je. Dalam trailer pun Ruxi dah confess dekat Ma Sai tapi tak tau apa jawapan dia. Aaaa nak tengok!

  7. Macam menarik jalan cerita dia..