Monday 8 February 2021

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Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! I've got like 2 weeks to go before the next semester start. So I will be scheduling all the k-drama that I've watched and review so that this blog can stay active! Anyway, here is the review for this week.

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Title : Stranger / Secret Forest
Episodes : 16
Genre : Thriller, Law
Director : Ahn Gil Ho
Writer : Lee So Yeon
Network : tvN
Cast : Cho Seung Woo, Bae Doo Na, 
Related : Stranger 2
Plot : 

Hwang Si Mok was born with an illness with a part of his brain. He went through a surgery to fix that problem and as implication of that surgery, he lacks emotion. Now, he works as a prosecutor at the Western Prosecutor's Office. One day, while he went to meet an acquaintance at his house, he stumbled upon a dead body of Park Moo Sung. Through that case, he met with Lieutenant Han Yeo Jin. As they tried to solve the case, they came across the corruption that been going on the prosecutors' office.


Hats off! One of the best thriller k-drama that I had ever watched! There was no need for introduction as the first episode dove right into the plot. Just a little bit flash back of Hwang Si Mok's past as a child and how that surgery affect his emotion and himself as a person. Right after that, it was all about the case, not a second delayed.
One thing that I have to warn about is, this drama is very fast paced, you really should get rid of whatever thing that might distract you while watching this drama. I love that fast story-line and how everything moving on. I love how they focused solely on the murder case and the corruption throughout the drama. I guess, it gave me a new kind of thrill as crime drama that I usually watched will be about serial murders.

Despite the fast paced drama, I really can't guess who is behind the murder case of Park Moo Sung. The motive was so confusing and even the suspects list was confusing. There were so many whys and hows hanging around. With the involvement of Hanjo Group, one of the biggest company in the case, it was confusing me on who is who side.

I really really love all actors in this drama. Especially Cho Seung Woo who acted as Hwang Si Mok. I had watched him in 'God's Gift: 14 Days' and 'Life' and he really is a great actor! He can pulled off a cold and emotionless but was actually a warm person character really well. I still remember him in 'Life' as the new president of a university hospital. He was a cold businessman who only wants to make profit but then he had in him to look at the things around him. As for 'God's Gift:14 Days' I don't really remember much as it's been so long since I last watch that drama (definitely will re-watch soon) but I am sure he had more character in that drama. It is my first time watching and knowing the name Bae Doo Na and she is really a great actress. She looks really comfortable with her character.  I really love the chemistry between this two character. The trust between them came naturally and they're a great partner.

As the drama approaches the ending, it's getting intense. Between the owner of Hanjo Group, Lee Yun Beom, the former Chief Prosecutor, Lee Chang Jun, or the wife and daughter of Hanjo Group, Lee Yeon Jae, who is the mastermind of the case. The ending, for me, feels heavy. The one who instigated everything and the one who executed the plan had me speechless. It feels like it should not end that way. But it makes sense and every puzzle fits perfectly that way.

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  1. Looks amazing! Thanks for sharing! <3

  2. I really think that's why I'm into Korean thriller , how can ppl with lack memory works as prosecutor ..that's what making this drama fun

    1. yeahhh, they kind of make a character's weak point as one of their strongest element.

  3. kalau fast pace drama susah jugak nak teka kadang tu unless ada hint diorang selit2 dalam certain scenes haha

    1. iyaaa, stress kita cari hint siapa jahat

  4. thanks for the review, gonna check them out :D

  5. nahh not really fan of kdrama hehe nice review tho!

    1. haha, it's okay, we all had our own preferences, thank you for your kind words!