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Flower Of Evil

Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! So, this is the last k-drama that I able to watch during my semester break, so after this I may or may not update about k-drama. However, I will try to update movie reviews weekly to keep this blog active.

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Title : Flower Of Evil
Episodes : 16 episodes
Genre : Thriller, Romance
Director : Kim Cheol Kyu
Writer : Yoo Jung Hee
Network : tvN
Cast : Lee Joon Gi, Moon Chae Won
Plot : 

Baek Hee Sung is a metal craftman. He is married to Cha Ji Won, a detective and they had a daughter together. After a copycat case of a serial murder that happened 18 years ago, Do Hyun Soo, son of the murderer that went missing after killing the head villager suddenly appear. While Cha Ji Won and her team members trying to catch Do Hyun Soo, Baek Hee Sung is on edge, trying to unveiled the real accomplice of the case to save his marriage.
Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won worked for the same time for this drama as they both featured on 'Criminal Minds' back in 2017.


This drama starts all sunny and rainbows all over, it is a happy marriage between Ji Won and Hee Sung. Except for the cold shoulder by Hee Sung's parents, there wasn't any fault in their marriage. After the case of serial murder involving Do Hyun Soo, the son of the serial murder, once again went viral, Ji Won started to learn secret after secret of the real Baek Hee Sung. And of course, the curiosity on how the hell Hyun Su became Hee Sung make dive right into the drama. 

The storyline, is filled with twist after twist. I love how they arrange the flow of the drama. It's making it easier for me to digest all the information. And of course, the biggest plot twist on the accomplice. I honestly thought those rumors of Do Hyun Soo being the accomplice for his father is true. But nope, it was all the society. 

Even though the plot have a touch of heaviness, they balanced it out with some extra characters like Moo Jin, the reporter who once friend with Do Hyun Soo and Do Hae Su (Hyun Soo's older sister). I love his character's awkwardness after meeting Hyun Soo again. And it was even more awkward when he met with Hae Su again (they were lovers and he still had feelings for her). Also, the scenes with that child actor (Hee Sung and Ji Won's daughter) were all sooooo cute. She was so bubbly in most of her scenes.

I love how they would include a scene from 18 years ago where everything begin at the beginning of each episode (doesn't really remember but I think every episode had the flashback scenes). Even though they weren't really connected from the previous episode, it still gave us insight on what happened in the past.

The journey to the truth were never easy in dramas and movies and this drama is no exception. With few misunderstandings between Hee Sung/Hyun Soo and Ji Won, more near death scenes for Hee Sung and of course Hee Sung's inner battle they finally identified the accomplice and it was shocking. Really is. However, oh, I strong dislike the ending for that accomplice. Like whyyyyyyy?????? And Hyun Soo too. Oh my gosh, it annoys me so much. Why can't he finally got the real happiness and freedom that he deserve? The writer really love to mess up with his character, apparently. Even though he finally learnt to accept Ji Won again, it still doesn't give him the justice.

This drama make me, once again realize that Lee Joon Gi is an amazing actor. He really plays his character really well. From someone who had an antisocial personality disorder, to the great husband, to someone who found his own true self, to someone who wanted to be the best of himself for someone he love. Damn, he really plays my emotion with this character.

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  1. Best gila drama ni! Recommended! Minat sungguh dengan joon gi since my girl lagi :D

    1. Kan kannn. Bila rewatch my girl balik semula rasa janggal gila dengan hairstyle dia hahaha

  2. Aien cuba nak tgk. bertahan sampai episode satu je. Haha Kenot go betul la heavy plot drama ni. tunggu bila rasa betul2 nak tgk.

    1. Hahaha, drama yg heavy heavy ni mmg kena kumpul mood betul betul dulu kalau tak mmg bye bye ajelaa

  3. updating movie series is what keep my blog updating heheh

    1. Hahahah true, we can just watch movie and write review and schedule it. And the blog stay active huhu

  4. tengok drama ini suku jalan je.. huhuhu..

  5. Lambat betul nak move on dari drama ni! Huhu :)

  6. ehhhh nampak best. ada masa nak layan cite ni.hehe

  7. sya baru jee habis tengok kdrama ni. habiskan dalam 3 hari je!! argh best gilaa. lakonan diorang is soo good. emotional jugak cerita ni haha..thank god its a happy ending :D

  8. i suka storyline dia penuh kejutan tapi geram sikit dgn watak jiwon tu.