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It's Okay To Not Be Okay

Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! I finally got to watch this drama and yeah, it's sooo great!

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Title : It's Okay To Not Be Okay / Psycho But It's Okay
Episodes : 16 episodes
Genre : Romance, Drama
Director : Park Shi Woo
Writer : Ju Young
Network : tvN, Netflix
Cast : Kim Soo Hyun, Seo Ye Ji, Oh Jung Se
Plot : 

Moon Gang Tae worked as a caregiver in the psychiatric ward. However, he never works in a hospital for more than one year. The only family he had is his older brother, Moon Sang Tae who is an autistic. Ever since their mother was killed 20 years ago, they had been on the run from the 'butterfly'. Sang Tae loves a children book author named Ko Moon Young. An incident brought Ko Moon Young and Gang Tae to know one another. They soon realized that they knew each other briefly during their childhood.


Another drama that cause quite a talk between the k-drama lovers and of course the fan of Kim Soo Hyun. I have been missing to see him in drama again after the cameo in 'Crash Landing On You' and 'Hotel Del Luna'. 

As this drama centered in the psychiatric ward, the earlier episode does mention few psychological condition that the patient at the OK Psychiatric Hospital suffered from. My favorite one was the one that the youngest son of an assembly man suffers from. That one stuck in my mind the most because of what Moon Young did. It was a bit emotional but very much satisfying scene. 

I love how Moon Young and Gang Tae's relationship grows. While Gang Tae aware of his feeling for Moon Young, he was scared that he will put his brother behind. That feeling had him pushed her away and boy, I am sad for them. But then, I kind of understand why he did that. I was so curious of their childhood and how can they knew one another back then. However, they kind of like to tease me on that one. Every time it feels like they will tell us the story of their childhood, it will end before we get the full story. It really frustrated me. 

Beside those two, Sang Tae's growing up throughout the story was so heartwarming. He was so dependent on Gang Tae that he feels unsafe without him. I guess those feeling is the same for all people. When we keep living in the comfort zone, we will be uncomfortable and unsure once things started to change. From an older brother who always need his younger brother, he starts to grow into the older brother that he should and get out of his comfort zone. I was really proud of him, like really really proud.

What makes this drama more fun was the side characters. I love how there's Nam Juri, an old friend of Moon Young who also had a crush on Gang Tae, also there's Jae So, a friend of 10 years of the two brothers. His loyalty to follow them everywhere was really touching and I love how his character was always there for Gang Tae for him to vent out whenever he is down. And not to forgot Lee Sang In, the CEO of the publishing company that represent Moon Young and also Yoo Seung Jae, the dense employee of the publishing company. And also the director of OK Hospital, sorryIforgothisnamehehe, he really crack me at times. Oh, also the mother of Nam Juri. She's like the mother bird of all characters.

The overall plot was great except for one thing, I am really curious how Moon Young's mother escape from 'the haunted castle' after suffering that very heavy injury. I mean, she did fall from the second story of the house and crack her head on the stairs. Also, based on the blood loss that they shows during Moon Young's childhood, she's likely to be dead in just few hours. But how? can? she? leave? the? house? perfectly? fine??????? I was hoping that they will tell me but till the end, there's none of the backstory on how she is able to escape. Unless Moon Young's memory is exaggerated due to her witnessing something awful, she can't be alive. Doesn't make sense to me.

Another thing that I really love was  the way they changed the actor to their child-self on some scene. This makes it like they're confronting their childhood fear and finally grows out of that fear. Brilliant, I would say.

This review feels a little longer than I usually did so for the final paragraph, I love the OSTs. They are all so gorgeous and really nice to listen to. My favorite would be the one sung by Heize. I'll leave a full OSTs down below. Peace out!

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  1. Will put this on my watching list. :)

  2. my friend watched this, she was like so sad !!! huhuhu

  3. ah tak pernah terfikir pulak macamana mak dia boleh terlepas. Hehe Sebab terlalu fokus dengan tiga watak utama tu, how they survive with childhood trauma. :)

  4. Tak tertengok lagi drama ni..huhu..tapi, memang ramai kata best :)