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The Berlin File

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Title : The Berlin File
Runtime : 120 minutes
Genre : Thriller, Action, Suspense
Country / Language : South Korea / Korean, German, English
Released year : 2013
Director : Ryoo Seung Wan
Writer : Ryoo Seung Wan
Cast : Ha Jung Woo, Han Suk Kyu, Jeon Ji Hyun, Ryu Seung Bum
Plot : 

Pyo Jung Song is a North Korean comrade living and working at the Berlin office together with his wife, Jung Hee who works as a translator for the ambassador. Pyo Jung Song was about to sign an illegal weapon deal with a Middle Eastern buyer when the deals fall off due to an attack. While trying to run, he was caught by a South Korean NIS agent, Jung Jin Soo whose team was on stake out. However, Jung Song was able to escape from him. He then learnt that Dong Myung Soo, a his fellow comrade and also son of a powerful NK official is coming to Berlin. His arrival would means that trouble is on his way. 


Another intense, finger-biting movie is here! I finally make my way to watch this movie. It had been on my to-watch list for years. Seriously. Back to review, I love the beginning tension and action during the weapon deal. It was short but the impact lasts. Definitely a good way to start a thriller movie.

The plot and story line is great and well-executed. I was really curious on who is the traitor that leak the information about the deals and why did the North Korean sent Dong Myung Soo. I was actually convinced that Jung Hee is doing another mission and the one who betrayed her country. But man, I was dead wrong. She's just an innocent woman caught in the tangled of power and men.

When Jung Hee was suspected as the traitor, Jung Song followed her to confirm her involvement. He really suspect her to be the traitor and honestly, I feels so sad for Jung Hee. She only wanted her husband to trust her but he was doubting her. I feels so much relief when Jung Song caught on the ploy that Myung Soo trying to play.

The actions scenes were so alive and nerve-wrecking. Especially when they put on BGM. It really does help to intensify the feeling of urgent-ness. I can't take my eyes off the screen whenever they're almost caught. With the involvement of Jin Soo, the South Korean agent, it gets more complicated. Jung Song and his wife need to get away from Berlin and he also needs to escape from Jin Soo. His loyalty to his country was on the top even though he was betrayed.

The final scenes at the meadow is the best. I love how Jung Song did the crazy thing to team up with Jin Soo to save his wife. And how Jin Soo agreed to help Jung Song just because he is doing his work. This scenes was so intense because they're two people against more than 10 people. It also plays with emotion well when Jung Song lost his wife, I legit weeping the whole scene. I feels like it was wrong for her to die but then her dying means that Jung Song had the reason to kill Myung Soo. 

The ending was satisfying for me. Even though Jung Song failed to save his wife, he is alive. And I'm even more glad when Jin Soo asked Jung Song to leave from the South Korean supevision with the reason he couldn't stand seeing him living free when he can't save his wife. But the real reason he freed Jung Song was for him to seek revenge to the NK leader that make his wife died. I am a satisfied audience.

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