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Bring Me Home

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Title : Bring Me Home
Runtime : 108 minutes
Genre : Mystery, Thriller, Drama
Country / Language : South Korea / Korean
Released year : 2019
Director : Kim Seung Woo
Writer : Kim Seung Woo
Cast : Lee Young Ae, Yoo Jae Myung
Plot : 
Jung-Yeon’s son with an intellectual disability went missing 6 years ago. She still has not given up hope on finding him. One day, Jung-Yeon receives a tip that her missing son is at a fishing village on an island. Jung-Yeon travels there to find her son.
Plot synopsis by AsianWiki. Pardon me for being lazy hehe.


I feels like I will give too much spoiler so read with caution hehu.

For me, this movie is pure evil. Starting off with the couple, Jung Yeon and her husband trying to cheer up one another even when their only son had gone missing for six years. Her husband had quit his jobs to travel all over the country to spread the news of their missing son. However, when he decided to start working again, a joke, prank message saying that his son is  alive and working somewhere sent him straight to the underworld (if you don't understand, he died, because of a joke, a prank). I actually saw someone comment on this movie, regarding the same matter saying and I quote, "....if you can't help other people's distress, don't add to it", I couldn't agree more.

Just when Jung Yeon was about to end her suffering by herself, she got an information that her son is at a fishing spot on an island. Aren't you guys curious who is the informer? Well, in case you decide to watch and doesn't know who it was, I will be gladly tell you that it was her own brother-in-law. He did it to get money from her, anonymously so that he could pay for his son's tuition. What a  messed up person he is.

Anyway, when she go to the place, she doesn't directly met with Min Su, the boy that looks like her son because the people on that freaking island was sooo secretive and mysterious. From this moment, I am officially become an emotional mess. Whether or not Min Su is Jung Yeon's son, it was so damn wrong for those people to abuse that child. It feels so damn cruel with the beating, sexual harassment, overworking. I can actually feel the anger while writing this because those scenes keep playing in my head.

And the most hated character, was that freaking policeman! He got so damn proud being a police officer but he can kindly go to the hell with his badge. Just because he keep saying he is a cop, doesn't mean he is nice. He seriously angers me the most. And those people on the island, especially the one at the fishing spot were really messed up for doing whatever they did.  They themselves weren't sure of Min Su's real identity so why the hell give the woman to confirm whether or not it was her child.

It was an emotional ride for me. One moment I am sad for her, another moment I'm freaking livid with those people, one moment I could feel the hope for them to be safe and sound. It really drained me. Especially with the final scene at the beach when the tide is low and it was all mudflat, it was so damn sad. Oh, I am not spoiling the ending, so go watch it for yourself (if you don't understand, reach out to me, maybe I can explain, maybe).

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