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12 Suicidal Children

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Title : 12 Suicidal Children / 12 Suicidal Teens / 12 Children Who Want To Die
Runtime : 118 minutes
Genre : Mystery, Suspense
Country / Language : Japan / Japanese
Released year : 2019
Director : Yukihiko Tsutsumi
Writer : Tow Ubukata (novel), Yutaka Kuramochi
Cast : Mahiro Takasugi, Yuto Fuchino, Kotone Furukawa, Kanna Hashimoto, Mackenyu Arata,Yuina Kuroshima, Hana Sugisaki, Riku Hagiwara, Takumi Kitamura, Ryoto Bando, Ai Yoshikawa, Aisa Takeuchi
Plot : 

12 teenagers who wanted to end their lives for various reasons came to gather at an abandon hospital. However, when 12 of them came at the meeting spot, they found a body of  a dead boy. With no one else know about the meeting, they agreed that the killer are among themselves. They agreed to investigate and look for the killer. During the investigation, the reasons why they wanted to die are slowly revealed  person per person.

This movie is based on a novel of the same name by Tow Ubukata published in 2016.


This movie starts slowly with the arrival of twelve people. The beginning scenes were actually really suspenseful. It maybe due to facts that the twelve of them would wonder around the abandon hospital before going to the gathering room. The pace pick up when all of them gathered in one room and discover that they are the thirteen person in the room, who might be dead. Baffled, all of the teenagers did not wanted to involve him in the suicidal act (even though, he is dead) and began looking for clues regarding the person zero, the dead body. They are confident that one of them is the murderer as nobody knew about the gathering.

While looking for the culprit, they found several evidences that might point to the murderer. The tension among the participants are undeniable, especially when their personalities are varied from one another. That really help me to differentiate the participants. While investigating the case, the reasons why they wanted to end their lives slowly opened up. Some reason seems like nothing to someone but it is a big deal for the one who suffers.

I love how the participants found themselves again. It was not a speedy, quick process, it was long process but soon enough, each of them realized that they are not only able to come term with their problem and themselves, they also found new friends that have similarities with them.

What I don't expect was the identity of the person zero. And, well, sorry to spoil but person zero is not dead yet. They assumed that he was dead because his pulse was too weak and he is not moving. I was actually expecting him to be dead and the teenagers will found the culprit but the twist really surprised me.

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  1. Menarik juga cerita versi mcm ni :)

  2. This movie is actually quite good! I love the ending but it was kinda bizzare isnt?

    1. yeahhh, like that one girl tu macam x convinced pun to see life in positive way, lepastu siap offer diri untuk join that meeting again

  3. this is on my list... pelakon dia best2 tapi i tak tgk lagiiiii

    1. i dont really know japanese actor hehe, this movie is great, so tengok la nnti!

  4. Nampak menarik la cerita nii..hehe