Wednesday 21 July 2021

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Liar Game

Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! How is your day? I find it hard nowadays, to stay at home. It felt too suffocating. I tried to picked up my old hobby but it's not going easy. Anyway, I finished watching this drama last week but forgot to published the entry. Hehe.

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Title : Liar Game
Episodes : 12 episodes
Genre : Mystery, Thriller
Director : Kim Hong Soon
Writer :  Shinobu Kaitani (manga)Ryoo Yong-Jae
Network : tvN
Cast : Lee Sang Woo, Shin Sung Rok, Kim So Eun
Plot : 

Kang Do Hyun, an ex financial analyst become a host for a TV show called Liar Game. The idea for the show came from him. The reward of 10 million won will be given to the final winner. Various contestants entered the game. Nam Da Jung, a kind and naive college student suddenly became one of the contestant. As she was struggling to pay her father's debt, Nam Da Jung decided to join the show. For the first round, the contestants will be paired and given a bag of money each. They need to take the money bag from the other person with whatever methods except for violence. When Da Jung realized that she had been fooled by her partner, she seeks help from Ha Woo Jin, an ex psychology professor  at Seoul University who went to prison for financial fraud. 

This drama is a remake of a Japanese drama aired in 2007 based on a manga series by Shinobu Kaitani with the same title published in 2005.


It starts off quite interesting with the introduction to the Liar Game. The way they choose people to participate on the game was unique. They randomly leave a large sum of money to people and then let them decide either to return it to the police or not. If they did, then they will be chosen.

At first, Da Jung's character does not bother me much. She is kind and always trust other people. She even let her loan shark collector, Dal Goo inside her house and fed him. Well, Dal Goo's character himself is quite funny. He felt sorry to Da Jung, that's why doesn't really collect money from her. Only when his boss nag at him then he will went to Da Jung and nag to her.

For the games played, I could only understand few of them. Games that involved probability is not going well for me. It was too hard to think (and maybe I just too lazy to understand the rules). I loves the tension going on in the game. It was really nerver-wrecking. Plus, we don't know either Da Jung's and Woo Jin's plan would work or not.  Or there will the the interruption from Kang Do Young. Or the production team.

As the episodes progressed, it became more evident that there is more to the game. Especially with Kang Do Young's suspicious behavior. He seems really obsessed with people betraying one another. And, the way he obsessed over Da Jung and Woo Jin is weird. And honestly, I did not expect the twist on their fate. Like, what the actual heck?!

Since I did not watch the Japanese version of this drama, so I could not compared them. But, I personally like this drama (Korean version).  But I do think that they need to finish it properly. The Japanese version obviously had more than one season (I think there were like three or four?). There were too much question raised upon the ending. I reeeeeally hope for another season or maybe I should just watch the Japanese version (still thinking of this but Idk) 😑

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  1. Menarik movie ni.. Genre thriller mystery ni k.naniey mmg minat.. Boleh masuk list..

  2. best kak.. cuma ending agak tergantung

  3. Eh ada shin sung rok lah! Asal nampak lain hahaha. Tak pernah tahuuuuu pun pasal drama ni, nanti nak try tengok dulu 1/2 episode, ok ke tak ok hehehe