Thursday 22 July 2021

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Thoughtless Thursday #035

 Assalamualaikum, good day dearest. How are you guys holding up? I'm getting tired day by day. I'm starting short semester next week and I'm dreading for it. And the result for last semester will be released tomorrow? After tomorrow? I'm not sure. Haven't really checked it in the portal. I was hoping to get a day out (like having girls day out with my girlfriend or something) before this lockdown but when it happened, I really haven't got time to breath. It's suffocating to stay home all day. 

look at those numbers šŸ˜­

It's tiring isn't it? However, I'm still thankful for my situation is better than the others. Whenever I get on Twitter, there are so many people out there that had it worse. At least for me, I still got a roof on my head and foods on my table. Some people don't even have those basic needs. 

If you're struggling, please ask for help. It might be hard but we all have to survive. And for that, we are all survivor. Be strong. Be positive. Even if the walls are closing in. 

with me,



  1. Betul, kalau buka twitter memang sedihh, semua minta bantuan. Kita? Alhamdulillah masih ada tempat tinggal dan duit untuk beli makanan. Tak tahulah sampai bila semua ni, penat tengok angka kes makin hari makin meningkat :')

    1. Betultu.. nak mengharap pun macam makin lama makin dikecewakan

  2. 18K paling tinggi pn kita dah penah capai huhuhu..stay safe su!

    1. haihh itulah... tengok KKM punya prediction pun rasa nak menangis