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The Negotiation

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Title : The Negotiation
Runtime : 114 minutes
Genre : Thriller, Crime
Country / Language : South Korea / Korean
Released year : 2018
Director : Lee Jong Suk
Writer : Choi Sung Hyun
Cast : Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin
Plot : 

Ha Chae Yoon is a crisis negotiator for Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. After failing to negotiate with the robber who threaten to kill their hostage and witness the murder right in front of her eyes, she is determined to quit her job. 10 days later, she is called by her superior. Min Tae Gu, a weapon smuggler for international crime organization had called up her name in his scheme of hostage situation. 


The movie starts off strong with tension-filled hostage situation. It was very nerve-wrecking especially when Chae Yoon went inside the house to negotiate with the robbers. I actually had a big expectation for Chae Yoon's character. She is supposed to be one of the best negotiator but I don't really like how nervous she looked while negotiating with the robbers. What is the point of calling her on her day off if she can't even hide her expression? It seriously let me down big time.

The plot however is really good. It filled with tensions and suspense during the hostage situation with Min Tae Gu. I love how he slowly demanded the high-profiled people to be present and the mystery of why he did what he did. When Chae Yoon is trying to negotiate with him but then was chased out because of the secrets that the higher up is trying to cover. Sure, it was annoying to have those people but it helps the tension even more.

I think this is the first character that the actor Hyun Bin had to be the villain and he is wonderful! I love how he play the calm and cool side and suddenly lost all his coolness and start shouting like a mad. 

I had a guess why Min Tae Gu planned the kidnapping and all but I wasn't sure. All I know is it is related to the hostage situation on the earlier scene. I thought it was to get revenge for the people that he lost, whoever that people are. Well, it is but it went deeper than that. And  I really do not expect that twist! Both location and the end. I really really felt sorry for Min Tae Gu.

Overall, I enjoyed the tension in this movie and I loves Hyun Bin as a bad guy. Maybe producers, directors and writers should give him more character like Min Tae Gu. It was a bit disappointing that Son Ye Jin's character is a bit off at the start. I can understand if her character became wary after the hostage situation but not during that incident, she supposed to be the best negotiator. Other than that, I have no more complaints. 

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  1. Korea kalau movie memang akan tengok. Kalau drama tak sanggup nak tunggu setiap episod.
    Masuk list. Best pula baca movie ni.

    1. su kalau drama mmg tunggu habis dulu baru start tengok. tak sanggup nak tunggu berminggu minggu

  2. sama la kita, expectation tinggi tapi cerita dia macam alah.. gitu je. Haha

    1. kecewa kannnnn sebab masa memula keluar dulu movie ni punya hype semacam. dh tgk, mehhh je

  3. Okay bila boleh terjebak utk movie ini..kak shida lately minat juga tgk KMovie..atau drama..

    1. hahaha, dia sekali termasuk memang susah nak jumpa jalan keluar ><