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Sweet Home

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Title : Sweet Home
Episodes : 10 
Genre : Fantasy, Thriller, Horror, Mystery
Director : Lee Eung Bok
Writer : Kim Kan-Bi (webcomic), Hwang Young-Chan (webcomic), Heung So-Ri, Kim Hyung-Min, Park So-Ri
Network : Netflix
Cast : Song Kang, Lee Si Young, Lee Do Hyun, Lee Jin Wook
Plot : 

After losing his whole family in a car accident,  a high school student, Cha Hyun Soo, moved to an one room apartment. The next day, when the residents of the apartment wanted to get out they find out that their apartment was locked. Once they opened the shutter gate, they discovered a mysterious monster waiting in front of the gate. With the lead of Lee Eun Hyuk, a med-school student, they bring the shutter down and stay inside the building. The residents then discovered that there is a mysterious phenomenon where human turns into monsters hit the world. Those with the symptoms of nose bleed, fainting, sudden aggression was advice to be isolated. The phenomenon however is not infectious. 

Based on a webcomic of the same name written by Kim Kan Bi and Hwang Young Chan published in 2017.


I was actually debating whether or not I should watch this drama. All because I read all those reviews that said it kind of left hanging (after Partner For Justice, I don't think I can stomach another drama left with questionable ending) but here I am taking my chance. Also, when the cast appeared in Running Man, I am really convinced, especially when Lee Jin Wook starred in this drama too.

First few episodes was so thrilling, nerve-wrecking and definitely scary. Especially when Hyun Soo went out his room to save the kids. I am so scared for him to go fetch the kids and went back up. Plus the monsters, oh the monsters. Each of them are so scary for me to look at. And some are just plain disgusting like the one that waited in front of their building. One thing I am sure is, don't you ever watch this drama while eating. I am not sure about you, but all those bloods, monsters and images made me gagged several times.

I finished this drama in less than one day because it was so intriguing and it keeps me wondering what happens next. With a very fast pace setting, 10 episodes is nothing. I loves each and every character. And that is a big problem when you watch this type of drama. You became attached to them and then you lose them.

I also loves how they gave a tiny bit of four main characters' past. Like how Seo Yi Kyung's fiance  (should I say ex-fiance because he died or may have became a monster?) was actually involved with this crazy monster-ization experiment and how Pyeon Sang Wook is not just a crazy gangster. Their pasts definitely gave justification on why they acted they way they did.

It was so emotional and sad and heartbreaking to watch the few last episodes. Especially the sword man, Jung Jae Hoon died. He almost died the first time but then survived but he really dies in order to save the other residents. The moment when he actually confessed that he like Ji Soo nearly had me bawling (exaggeration but you got it). And then more and more of them dying. Oh gosh, I really can't.

At first, Lee Eun Hyuk, the med-student came off like a selfish person. But then his character just grew warmer and his ending was just so hurt to see. Here I am, hanging off the tiny thread that he is alive for next season (I hope there is next one or else). Also, this drama really did not gave any chance for romance. Lee Eun Yu who likes Hyun Su  was forced to be separated from him, Yoon Ji Yoo lost Jung Jae Hoon in a fight with monster, Pyeon Sang Wook lost Yu Ri while trying to save her. Gosh, it was so heart breaking to see them.

The ending as they said, it was questionable. Especially how Pyeon Sang Wook was able to get on a military car with Hyun Su. Why ? Did he actually is not a gangster or what? It was a relieve to see that some of them able to escape the building through the tunnel but I am sure that the battle is not over. Especially when Seo Yi Kyung told them to survive. Also, all the monsters were just miraculously disappear when the soldiers surrounded their apartment building. Really weird but I'll take it they are inferior to the snow. Hence, I am very much hoping for the next season soon to truly end this drama. 

Bonus point, the OSTs were all so great! I love them and they definitely fit the mood of this drama. So, all, watch this drama, no regret.

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  1. I enjoyed watching this drama!! it was such a cool one, but the ending was definitely hanging!

  2. best drama ni tapi tak tahu lah bila pulak season 2 nak keluar. Vagabond pun pending lama

    1. Kannn, nak menunggu next season yg lemahhh je rasa. Vagabond tu dah berapa tahun dh nunggu season 2

  3. Drama korea banyak yg berseason kan.. nk tgk tu kena betul2 timing bagus baru boleh layan mcm kak la bila ada anak ni susah sikit

  4. Dah tengok cerita ni masa dorang promote kat Runningman.

    1. sy pun tgk sebb depa promote dkt running man...