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Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! Welcome, September~ Wow, time really fly fast. We are now in September and just few months away from 2022. 

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Title : Watcher
Episodes : 16
Genre : Investigation, Crime, Action
Director : Ahn Gil Ho
Writer : Ahn Sang Woon
Network : OCN
Cast : Seo Kang Joon, Han Suk Gyu, Kim Hyun Joo
Plot : 

Kim Young Goon, a young traffic police officer was under investigation after he fired his gun to a suspect. He was taken by the Crime Squad under the lead of Jang Hae Ryung. However, after Do Chi Gwang, the chief of internal affair investigation team looked at the case, he called for Kim Young Goon to be investigated under his team. Do Chi Gwang recognized Kim Young Goon as the son of his corrupted police team member who was prison after found guilty killing his wife. After solving the case involving the traffic violator, Deputy Commissioner Yeom asked Do Chi Gwang to lead an internal affair investigation team to apprehend all of the corrupted police officer with Lawyer Han Tae Joo who used to be a prosecutor, as the advisor for the team. Do Chi Gwang then asked Kim Young Goon to be part of the team. 


The drama starts off with the Young Goon who was a traffic police officer following a traffic violator and fired his gun towards the violator despite him not attacking. That is how he was put under investigation. Do Chi Gwang, the chief of internal affair investigation team who was on his mission to prove Jang Hye Ryung, a thriving special crime unit captain is corrupt heard about Kim Young Goon's case. Do Chi Gwang then took Kim Young Goon's case from Hye Ryung.

It was made clear from the start that Do Chi Gwang is targeting Jang Hye Ryung and wanted him punished. The question was why? Jang Hye Ryung was an actual headache for me. Why? Because I could not put him on good nor bad side. He came off strong when he shot his own teammate right across his head when that person tried to kill Young Goon. But all of his scenes doesn't really show either he is good or not. Plus, he is too expressionless.

After Deputy Commissioner Yeom gave permission to Chi Gwang to investigate whoever he wanted and put Lawyer Han Tae Jo as the legal advisor of his team, they begin to investigate Jang Hye Ryung. Or... trying to. Lawyer Han only wanted to get her revenge on the person who cut off her and her husband thumb. Meanwhile Chi Gwang just wanted to catch the bad guys in the police association. And Young Goon, he need to know either his memory is right or not. Did he really witness his father killed his mother. All three of them had different mission and they worker together to satisfy their mission.

This drama seriously confuses me so much. I am really interested in knowing who is the killer of Young Goon's mother because that case is tied to all three of them. Kim Young Goon's father used to be a detective and was in the same team as Do Chi Gwang and Jang Hye Ryung while Lawyer Han was the prosecutor for the case. Because Lawyer Han just wanted to get revenge to the one who ruin her thumb, I never know which side she will stand. One second she will be on Do Chi Gwang side but when she saw an opportunity to get the identity of that person, she will immediately switch side. 

The identity of Young Goon's mother killer was so hard to guess. They really keep it until two lasts episode before revealing him. Before that, I was so convinced that Chi Gwang is the killer due to the way he acts.  When they found dead bodies at the abandon area, I believe there was only one killer but then I was proven wrong when the plot twist came. It was really unexpected and honestly, doesn't really fit into the case. And that was where this drama loss it appeal to me. 

Honestly, this drama had so much potential to be one of my favorite. But then, the resolution towards the ending feels like an anti-climatic but not really. And it actually baffled me. The existence of that society and the plot twist feels really out of place. Even the ledger that Young Goon's father left for him doesn't seems to fit into the timeline. I was so disappointed. It will be so much better without the plot twist.

I really enjoy this drama up before the plot twist. It was fast paced and the action scenes were sooo great. Plus, the occasional comedy in the drama balanced out the serious-ness. Anyway, give it a try if you are up for it. 

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  1. tak tahu pun pasal drama ni. kalau cerita pasal crime investigation ni memang my favourite. nanti nak try tengok :)

    1. try lahhhh, its great investigation drama tapi tulah plot twist tu rasa lemau sikit kat su

  2. Nice review. Bila ada elemet comedy tu macam tertarik nak tengok.
    Selamat menyambut hari kemerdekaan buat kali ke 64. Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

  3. I remember watching this when it first came out because I love investigation/crime/action genres. And I watch it a few more times. hehe

    1. wowww i havent been able to rewatch any crime/investigation/action drama that i had watch maybe bcs theres always new one coming sksksk..