Saturday 25 June 2022


June 25, 2022 14 Comments
Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! I am supposed to write and publish this entry the night after my visit but then the university's wifi got some problem until yesterday and I am saving my hotspot and data for important things so, only now I have time and Internet connection to write about my very first experience to KLIBF.

Yeap, my very first experience. Since the KLIBF happened from 3rd June until 12 June and that week is a peak week where assignments need to be submitted, quizzes and tests happening so me and my friends could only fit visiting KLIBF on 11th June. Second last day of the KLIBF. So, here is what happened on that faithful day.

We planned to go to WTC by student grab and then grab a heavy breakfast at Sunway Putra Mall before doing all the heavy walking in the book fair. One thing that we did not consider is that, the mall normally opened at 10 am and we actually arrived at the mall few minutes before ten. With that important note wasn't considered, we definitely did not think that the restaurants or even the food court would not operate until noon and so, here we were, deciding where to eat. 

So, luckily enough, we got Pop Meals open and ready to take our order so that's where we ate. I ordered Honey Soy Sesame Chicken. The first bite actually throw me off but few more bites, it actually taste quite nice. Well, it will be nicer if the rice is warm but it's not really. The Salted Egg Buttermilk Chicken was also quite good, the best out of our order. The Spaghetti Chicken Bolognese was kinda bad. Maybe because they put too much sauce so it doesn't feel nice. Anyway, we are full by the time we walked to WTC.

First step in, wow, so many people and its only like 30 to 45 minutes since the door opened. Deep breath, we make our way to Karyaseni's booth first since my friends are looking for novels for their friends and family there and I wanted to buy the new released of Hana Ilhami. I'm not sure if it is because it was still morning or that it was second last day, but the racks are pretty empty so I don't really feel so the fun of shopping for another novel.

If I think the lower ground is full of people I am gravely mistaken because when we make our way to the upper level it was so packed that I can't even see which booth it was and what book on their shelves. So frustrating, especially for someone who is on the short side, I am pretty much drown in the sea of people. 

And despite that, we made our way to Fajar Pakeer's booth. But due to massive number of people and one of my friend that looking for her friend's list could not find the said book, we move to another booth, Iman Publication's. I spent for about one hour here hahaha. I have listed down what book I wanted to get in this booth and I managed to get most of them except for Will You Stay? and Not Here To Stay (I swear I'm not making up these for jokes😭). Will You Stay's stock will be available at 6pm so I decided to let it go and buy another time because I'm on time scheduled. As for Not Here To Stay, I couldn't find it anywhere, and maybe it was sold out so yeah, another time. 

While I'm there looking for the books in my list, my friends were at different booth. One went to Fixi (I couldn't read fixi books, tried it before I just couldn't imagine the gruesome act and everything hahahha) and the other two just wander around because they went just to escape the reality of submission date coming closer. 

I planned to stay until 4pm or 5pm and visit every booth. But with the amount of people and all, I just could not stay longer and it kind of make me regret it because I wanted to visit so many booth but couldn't! So, yeah, feeling a little bitter hahahha. Looking back, I think I really should just take a breather and then went in again instead of just went home. Stupidity on my part, I guess. Anyway, after reuniting with that one friend at Fixi booth, we wen to FP's booth again and buy the one on sale. 3 for RM20. Another regret of mine, what did I not buy a total of RM40 because there's so many title that interest me and it was a good deal too?! 

We stayed at WTC until 1.30pm more or less so it was just about three hours and really, I think I should just stay longer. Really. Anyway, it was an experience, maybe next time I could go for more than one day and really enjoy the experience? Who knows? So, this is it. The story of my first visit to Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair.

Book titles from left to right: Patah Untuk Tumbuh, Qalif: Watak Cinta Terindah, Permata Hati, Sara Nur Laila, Qasidah Buat Khadijah, Time To Heal, Asil Pelindung Khalifah 2, Healing The Heart, Nabi Adam 'Alaihissalam Keampunan Allah Ada Untuk Kita

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Wednesday 8 June 2022

Handmade Love

June 08, 2022 2 Comments
 Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! Been so long since my last k-drama review, right??? So, before I'm going MIA again (final exam started in two weeks and I have tons of submission before that), here is a simple review (can u even call this a review?) of a short drama that I watched on Youtube. 

Title: Handmade Love
Episodes: 8 (16-20mins per eps)
Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Director: Ko Jae Hong
Writer: Ko Jae Hong
Network: tvN
Cast: Lee Soo Hyuk, Lee Su Ji, Park Seung Ji

Woven, a cursed god was sent down on the earth as a punishment. In order to get back to the heaven, he need to design and create cloths that give comforts to human. With the help of his assistant, Joey, Han Sa Rang came to the tailor shop to gain get comfort after being dumped  by her 7 years boyfriend. After realizing the power of the cloth that gave her, Han Sa Rang then started to work part-time at the tailor shop.

I came across this drama by chance. It was on YouTube, I will linked it here, after my review. This drama is so simple and doesn't really have complication. Despite being a mini drama, the actors, the production, the storyline are really killing it! 

Lee Soo Hyuk as the god was really good! He really had the face and the energy and the attitude for this role, the unkind, doesn't understand what emotions is oh girl, I tell you, he really kills this role. I especially loves the relationship he had with his assistant, Joey. Sometimes so nice, sometimes so cold. Aigoo.

For Lee Su Ji and Park Seung Ji, I think this is my first time seeing them on any drama or movie (maybe I have watched their work before, considering I don't really remember people faces easily) so I have nothing to comment on their acting besides the fact that they are good. Park Seung Ji especially, he really did good being an annoying assistant. I think I loves his character the most. One that brighten up the whole mood.

I love their tailor shop! It had some aesthetic feels that I love and the color scheme is also good! Even though this web-drama is made to promote Handsome Inc., clothing, accessories and furnisher, I don't really see them much. And sure Woven's character is to help his client to find comfort in the cloths he made but I would love to see more of its process and detailing on the said cloth. Too bad it was just generic cloth on my view. And probably because it is short drama sooooo.

All in all, this drama is good for relaxing watch. Not so much on conflict but definitely had a good plot and character development! Be sure to watch it~ Link below!