Sunday 21 August 2022

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 Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! After DOTS, I'm trying to pick a more relaxing drama but nothing came into my mind except for this drama. So, here it is.

Title: Vincenzo

Episodes: 20

Genre: Crime, Romance

Director: Kim Hee Won

Writer: Park Jae Bum

Network: tvN, Netflix

Casts: Song Joong Ki, Jeon Yeo Bin, Ok Taecyeon


Vincenzo Cassano is a consigliere for the Cassano family, one of the powerful mafia group in Italy. After the death of the head of the mafia family, whom treat Vincenzo like his own son, Vincenzo fled to South Korea to escape the power dispute between him and his brother, Paolo Casssano. Vincenzo's mission in South Korea was to collect his gold that was hidden under an old building, Geumga Plaza. His visit unexpectedly turned the other way when the plaza was on verge of demolishing. To protect the gold, Vincenzo must go against a big and influential company, Babel Group.

I was kinda excited for this k-drama for the hype during its aired time. Then, I was left quite speechless seeing it run for about one hour and half per episode, which in my opinion are just unnecessary and too long. Its not a movie. And the total episode is up to 20. 

Truth to be told, there were so many parts I wish they didn't include in because its boring, second its again, unnecessary. Why was it even there? Maybe some people found it entertaining but not me, sorry. And for that, I watched this drama at 1.5x speed and skip so many times. 

As for the plot, I love it even when it moves like a baby snail. The fact that the real villain was revealed in the beginning part of the drama was a smart moves. It doesn't keep me anticipating who is the real boss but it makes me wonder how the boss will react. I also had a great time watching the side characters, especially the business owners of Geumga Plaza. Their characters had so much surprise elements that I am not expecting at all. 

Song Joong Ki is as usual, a great actor and he really made for this Vincenzo character. Even though I kind of cringe seeing him speaking Italian during the first episode. Then, I just ignored it all together haha. Jeon Yeo Bin, I think this is my first time seeing her work (just found out she's in Save Me but I don't remember her character) and wow! She's a great actress. I love her quirky and sometimes annoying character. And Ok Taecyeon, gosh. I never imagine him as a villain but bruh, he killed this character! I just wished the writer put a consistency on his and the other villains' character. Said he is a psychopath but he feels too much. Just, the romance elements between Vincenzo and Hong Cha Young doesn't really have to happen. I don't feel their chemistry as a couple but they definitely kill as a partner. 

Overall, I enjoyed this drama even when there were a moment or two (try more) that I loses focus. But still, I get a good laugh, a good drama and a good cry. The ending was not what we expected from a normal crime drama where justice prevail (it did prevail but not by the system) and it was so satisfying. Especially what happened to the Lawyer Choi. It is wrong and I kinda worry for the young audience because they might interpret it the wrong way but it hold the 'mafia' theme for Vincenzo. 

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  1. sis tengok episod 1 je pastu nak sambung sampai kesudah tak sambung tengok..hehe

    1. hahahha... itulah, kita tgk episod 1 pastu macam sendu gileee maybe hype dulu sebab ni first work of SJK belakon lepas cerai kot

  2. You nailed it on the head! I also think the drama dragged out at some of the episodes and totally agree with you that there's no chemistry between Vincenzo and Hong Cha Young. But I would watch Vincenzo again because Song looks so suave in the movie hehe

  3. Suka sangat dengan gandingan mereka ini.. Cerita yang kelakar dan enjoyable..