Thursday 1 September 2022

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Business Proposal

 Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! Time sure flies so fast, it's already September!

Title: Business Proposal

Episodes: 12 episodes

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Director: Park Sun Ho

Writer: Han Sul Hee, Hong Bo Hee

Network: SBS, Netflix

Adaptation from: webtoon, webnovel of same name by Hae Hwa

Casts: Kim Se Jeong, Ahn Hyo Seop, Kim Min Kyu, Seol In Ah


Shin Hari works as a researcher at Go Food and is a good friend with a chaebol, Jin Young Soo. One day, Young Soo asked Hari to pretend to be her for a blind date that her father set up. Hari refused at first but when Young Soo offers to pay her, Hari agreed as she urgently need money. Hari then went to the promised place with determination to scare off her date. However, when she arrived she realized that her date was the CEO of her workplace, Kang Tae Moo. Kang Tae Moo was forced to go on the blind date by his grandfather as he is too workaholic. So, he planned to marry his date so that his grandfather would back off from the marriage talk.

Now, this is a drama that I could see why it was so popular at the time of it released. I enjoyed watching this drama so much and it kinda baffled me that it only had 12 episodes instead of the normal 16 episodes. 

This drama is light, straightforward and doesn't have much tension to it, making it an easy watch for me. I especially love the friendship between Shin Hari and Jin Young Soo. Their chemistry together works so well and yea, they're really funny pair! And of course the chemistry and story of Hari and Tae Moo. I really-really like them. And the second couple that always steal our heart and mind and loves, Young Soo and Sung Hoon. This couple is so so so cute! I cannot not love them. 

I love how they added those little special effects, making certain scenes even more beautiful and portraying what the character feels (i.e: the field of flowers when Young Soo and Sung Hoon first met). It also gave out the comedic and comic-y feeling though I'm not sure about the webtoon.

The only downside of this drama was that the ending is rushed like really really rushed. It feels like the story must come to the end for the sake of it and that leaves so much untied string. I really wanted a scene where Tae Moo's grandfather really accept Hari and what happen to Sung Hoon and Young Soo after she cut ties with her father and all. This drama could easily be my one of comfort watch and I really enjoyed it. It can be even better with a proper ending but who knows there might be season 2? Or am I just hopelessly hoping?


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  1. I okay part Sung Hoon dengan Young Soo tu tapi I geram sangat part Hari beria sorok muka padahal orang tak cam pun sudahnya