Monday 10 October 2022

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I Love Too Quietly by Noor Iskandar

 Assalamualaikum, good day dearest!

Title: I Love Too Quietly

Author: Noor Iskandar

Pages: 89

Genre: Poetry

Publisher: Noor Iskandar

Year published: 2020

ISBN: 9789811438042


Maybe because loving just gets so intense when everyone else is asleep...

Within these pages are confessions, professions of unlove; for the heart that does not love loud love.

Still swimming in the valley of spirituality, the theme of faith in this second collection encroaches on the banks of romantic love and loss; all very human, all very otherworldly and complex.

The collection carries emotional bouts of the nomadic lover, spilling out of his caravan. Of frayed thoughts and convoluted ideas of loving.

How could the turbulent be so silent? And how could the placid be violent?

The poet probes this inquiry in I Love Too Quietly as he paints verses of pain; sadness and loneliness. This is essentially an ode to all the almost lovers, who made me understand my love can only exist in almost silences, within a void. [Afterword]

A book of poetry collection. And he thoughts of the author on the little thing called love. I love how I felt while reading this book. Some chapters resonate with me so well that I teared up and some chapters are just left me confused and wondering. 

It has been so long since I last read a poetry book. I definitely will pick up more after this. I love how the author choose to use certain Malay words to make the pain, loneliness and sadness even more. And not only Malay words but also some other words used in the book had me learnt a new word. I even  get to learn some new English words.

To have me picking up my favorite chapters would be hard. Thought, I really love reading the last one; Say What People In Love Say. Some others would be An Ode To Nothingness, 2:57 a.m., Turn To Stone and All The Lovers. 

To my lack of better sentences to conclude my feeling for this book, I enjoy reading it and feel like it worth that I'm paying for. It fills with words and feelings and just some poetry book of several lines and big space of nothingness for the sake of 'aesthetic'. 


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