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5th Flower Path With BTS

Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone !!! I know that this is super duper late but whatever. I still wanted to post this entry. Before that, Happy Eid Mubarak to all Muslims reader and those who celebrated *throwing confetti

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Okay, last 13th June was marked of 5 years of Bangtan Sonyeondan or better known as BTS debut day! As it was near the celebration of Eid, I couldn't make time to post about them, but now here I am.

To be honest, BTS is the first group that I have known since their debut days. That makes me very fond of them. I still remember the time that they struggled to make it on the chart, the time that they desperately wanted to be recognized and the time that they almost disbanded due to the financial problem in production. I'm really glad that they are able to pass that phase. It was such a relief that BigHit did not give up on them.

The very first member that I was able to recognize were maknae, Jungkook and he was my bias.

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I don't know how but I just love his smile and then he just crept his way into my mind. He is too handsome and not to forget, so extra. And then, the other members slowly stick into my mind. Right after I was able to recognize all of the members in this group,  I can't stay true to Jungkook. They all had their charm that I can't escape. But, JK would always have that special place in my heart ^^

The first song that I heard was 'No More Dream'. I watched the MV and I was totally blown up by the choreography. I am not a dancer nor I had known in the area, but I love the choreography and because of this song, I immediately search more of them thus leading me to a maze that I am not sure I can escape. I should thank Teacher Son and the team for the amazing choreo.

After 'No More Dream' era, it was 'Just One Day' or 'Boy In Luv'. I don't remember which MV came out first but I remembered watching 'Just One Day' first and was actually kind of disappointed because the song did not have the same vibe as the older MV. Once again, the choreo got me. As for 'Boy In Luv' the MV had some short-acting of the members. If I'm not wrong, this is the first MV that they had to act. This song had the upbeat melody that I could easily attached to, so I easily liked this song.

As for the MV in next two albums, 'Most Beautiful Moment in Life' they consist stories of each member and somehow that lead the smart ARMYs to start making theories that I couldn't even understand some of them ( they were complicated af especially when the next album were released). Despite those theories, I, as the most simple fangirl, I just like the MV because they seem more artistic (this is my personal view) than previous MVs. In the 'I Need You' MV, each member represents the stories of troubled youth and the 'Run' MV was the continuation of the 'I Need You' MV. Because of both MVs were sort of story, it had no choreography in the MVs, so I only knew the choreo when I watch the comeback stage and no doubt that they were all great !

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If you were to asked me which MV I love the most, I would say it is 'Run'. Why ? The MV had me in mixed emotion. When they were partying inside the house, I feel so damn happy. But when the camera zoomed out from Jungkook's face, all of the other members were gone and he was left alone. The smile on my face immediately wiped out ( I think am qualified to be a fictional writer, meh ). Besides, the lyrics of this song are great, it somehow comforted me.

" Run, run, run again,
    It's okay to fall,
  Run, run, run again,
    It's okay to get hurt "

In term of choreography, I love how there was a part that they had to flip their jacket. It was so cool and to be honest I had tried to do it but nah dancing just not my thing.

my screen record from BTS 'RUN' dance practice video on YouTube

Their first win on music show was with 'I Need You'. They had to wait for about two or three years to get the title winner and they deserved it. I don't remember if they cried but I think Suga just had a happy expression. Of course, they are happy, delighted I might say. It was one of their dreams. Since then, every time they release a new song, they will get the trophies. I would say that 'I Need You' era is the turning point of their career and our life.

The first daesang (big award) ? Who remembered this moment ? I remembered crying when they did their group hug. It was on MelOn Music Award 2016. Even the cold Suga shed tears ! And there was Jungkook crying and trying to look cool at the same time. I remembered as if it was yesterday.

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 2016 was a year for BTS. They gained another big recognition and I was very proud of them. But they continued to work hard, providing us with the high quality of music, lyrics that had us motivated, happy, sad and everything. On May 2017, they were invited to attend Billboard Music Award !  To be honest, I did not know that they were nominated in one of the categories so the moment I saw the news, I was very shocked ! It was a sweet memory and to make it sweeter, they won ! Right after that all of the Americans news stations, shows were interested in them. And not to forget, all of the collaboration with the western artist that might be happening anytime from now on always had me excited ! As for the Korean, most of them are changing their perspective on BTS which was great !

And for the latest album, they even had their first comeback stage on BBMA ! It was such an honoured!! This album actually quite different from the oldest but in a good different. I loved how they always tried new things instead of staying in their comfort zone. I am not very sure which song that had Suga went from rapping to singing, but this album definitely had that ! It was great honestly. Just like how I always love V's deep voice, I always love Suga's rapping. And when he was singing it is a whole new level. He might not be as great as the vocal line, but he is good enough for a rapper. Who knows he might even improve his singing skills, right ?

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I actually still wanted to talk about every member and why I love them but maybe I will save it for later ? Part two ? As the new semester is starting and it is a short sem I will be very busy so I think the part two won't come anytime soon (let's just hope that I wouldn't forget).

And for last, I wanna say that these guys had a big impact on my life. Their hard work and teamwork inspires ( I almost spell infires lol ) so much. They started a small group. But with their determination, they got wherever they are now. I am hoping to see them in person ( which I never had a chance to, might never have but let's hope for the best ).

Night loves !


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