Tuesday, 19 February 2019

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Devilish Joy

Assalamualaikum, hey ! Yesterday was a bit stressful for me because of last minutes cancelled classes leading me to not knowing what I should do. I hope I could stay strong for the last semester. So now, quite a title we got here, isn't it ? Actually, I don't remember the reason I decided to watch this drama but I assure you that it is an okay drama. So, here is the review !

Title : Devilish Joy / Devilish Charm / Maseung-ie Gibbeum / 마성의 기쁨
Episodes : 16
Genre : Romance
Network : MBN, Dramax
Cast : Choi Jin Hyuk, Song Ha Yeon, Hoya
Plot :

Joo Gi Bbeum and Gong Ma Seung met  by chance in Hainan and fall in love. They promised to meet again one hour after parting but Ma Seung didn't come to the place. Three years later, Joo Gi Bbeum life turns upside down. They met again by chance but Gong Ma Seung didn't recognized Joo Gi Bbeum. They kept on crossing path and ended up in love again.

I honestly didn't know how to describe this drama. It is somewhat typical but not so typical, get me ?


First off, the first episode bothers me a lot. I'm not sure if its because of the lighting during shooting or the effects of the video or what, but the first episode has a somewhat poor scene. It is too bright and dreamy. I do understand if it was for a few scenes, but it happened for a full episode and it kind of annoying since it is so bright. Luckily, it is just for that one episode.

Even though I am not a fan of romance drama, I had to admit that this drama is not so cringy and I had fun watching the couples. Especially the supporting character (happened every time, yea ?). The best part in this drama is the sound effect used. They made sure to include some cute sound effect for every scene that necessary.

This drama had a good plot honestly, but it is really slow pace and it almost made me lost my interest. I even skipped a few part because it was too slow for my liking. As for the characters, I think that all of the casts are well selected and  all of them played their role very well. Especially Hoya. It was very unexpected from him to act that way. I was used to him being so serious with his work, very hardworking, competitive and all and in this character is the opposite of that side. Very self conceited, quite arrogant, whiny and well, cute. It is amazing that he managed to get into that character,very natural, at that.

I honestly thought that this will be a sad ending, like Winter Sonata.  But, no luck, it is a happy ending. Tough luck, I was really prepared to cry my eyes out but no, I didn't cry when I watched this drama, even though there are many sad scenes.

"Most of the things you worry never happened, so don't worry in advance" - Lee Ha Im

Overall, it is a good drama for those who loves romance. 6/10 from me.


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  1. pernah nak tengok drama ni tapi pelakon macam takbest haha