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One Way Trip

Assalamualaikum ! How have you been ? So, my assignment groups are still not processing to do the final assignment as we are busy with the weekly tasks. But, I still managed to find my time to do this movie review. Hohoho. Quite proud of myself =P, so lets start.

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Title : One Way Trip / Glory Day / Geulroridei / 글로리데이
Runtime : 93 minutes
Genre : Drama / Friends
Plot :

Yong Bi, Sang Woo, Ji Gong and Dong Man are friends. They planned and went to Pohang for 2 days 1 night for Sang Woo, who is about to get enlist into military. During the night, they went for drink at the beach. At that time, they witness a woman being beaten up by a man, so they went to help the woman.

I have no idea why the plot and the title are so opposite. If you are expecting a good scenes of bromance and friendship goals, you might get disappointed.


First off, the complete twisted plot got my jaw dropped, in good and bad way, but more to bad. I honestly thought that I would watch a happy, full of bromance, slight comedy type of movies. But it is actually somewhat cruel, and a challenge to the boys friendship.

I honestly grew uncomfortable during few scenes as it consists people shouting, a bit violent and a little mess up scene. I honestly thought these scenes is unnecessarily long. Even though I love twisted movie, but I had to say that I hate this. Many of the scenes are just filling for the movie, which made me lost my interest middle way.

However, all of the cast did a wonderful job on conveying the emotions. Especially Ji Soo. He portray a boy who grew up in a messed up household, thus the parents of others think him as troublemaker. When Ji Gong suggested that they put the blame on Sang Woo, who was in comma and still unconscious, he refused to do so, even though in the end, he did blame Sang Woo.

This movie completely left me unsatisfied because in the end, the truth is never unfold. The detective did not found out the real murderer. The records of those boys who supposed to be witness became suspected. And because of power that some people hold, others became miserable. If you asked me would I rewatched the movie, I would definitely say no.

I am disappointed so, 4/10


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