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Title : Unstoppable / Angry Bull / Sungnan Hwangso / 성난 황소
Runtime : 115 minutes
Released Year : 2018 
Genre : Crime / Action
Distributor : Showbox
Country : South Korea
Plot :

Dong Suk used to be a gangster but he had changed his way and begin to start up a king crab business. He is married to Ji Soo. One day, he went home and found his house in a mess. He then received an unknown call. Dong Suk went to the agreed place and found a bag full of cash. The kidnapper trade the money with his wife. When Dong Suk reported the case to the police, they took it as if he sold his wife off. Having no choice, Dong Suk began his mission to save his wife.

Every Ma Dong Seok movie are lit and very satisfying !


First off, even though this movie is labelled as a crime movie, the villain is not very smart. Sure, he did succeed in kidnapping Ji Soo and more women but he actually a coward. Some scenes that were supposed to be nerve-wrecking, turn out to be funny because of the villain. With all of these genre combination made the movie more fun to watch, even it is typical. The crime committed isn't bad and there was no scenes that would triggered someone. The kidnapped women was only mentioned to be sold and prostituted purpose but they were no such scenes.

This movie can be labelled as family-friendly because the violence scenes are not something unfamiliar or too cruel. The only problem is the vulgar language which is quite hard to avoid not using in a movie. Thus, it is safe for a young kids to watch this movie.

Crime or action movie usually filmed in dark ambient light scenes to get the right mood. However, this movie aren't using a very dark ambient light to get the right mood. It has a good balance of light and dark in scenes which is a good move for the audience. The cinematography is also on the spot. There was not much shaking during the fight scenes and it is very stable as they change from one scene to another.

I really enjoyed all of casts, especially Kim Sung Oh. In my personal opinion, he had a fierce type of face but kind at the same time. It is enjoyable as he tried to act as the cowardly villain but pretend to be cruel. All of the actors chosen had their own style and choosing Ma Dong Seok for the main cast definitely  a good move because this movie is definitely his typical style.

I am very satisfied with this movie and I highly recommended it ! 9.5/10


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