Tuesday, 12 March 2019

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100 Days My Prince

Assalamualaikum ! So, I am very excited as I am currently on midsem break so I thought that I could do two review. So, here is the first one, tehee ^^

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Title : 100 Days My Prince / Hundred Days Husband / Baekilui Nangoonnim / 백일의 남곤님
Episodes : 16
Network : tvN
Plot :

Lee Yul is the crown prince of Joseon. He tried to uncover the truth of his illness but ended up being in a situation that almost kill him. He then woke up at a small village, losing his memory. He is forced to believe that he is an army that came back home to marry his woman, Hong Shim. For 100 days, he lived outside the palace as a peasant.

Honestly, this is my second drama that had D.O as one of the cast. He really is a well-rounded artist. He looks so natural with his character.


Okay, it had been seriously long time since I last watch an old era k-dramas. The very last is Scarlet Heart, if I'm not mistaken. I am neither too excited nor bored when I watched this drama. The introduction left quite an impression to me, because the young Lee Yul, confessed to Yi Sul that he wanted to marry her. And how fate brought them back together after years passed.

The drama got a bit boring in the middle that forced me skip a few scenes. Due to too many characters in this drama, I constantly got confused who is who (like always) especially when they all had same feature and alike position in the drama. For those who hungry for handsome man, I think you can chose one from this drama. I personally liked a manly type of face so I am drawn more to the actor who act as Hong Shim brother, Kim Jae Young. Sadly, there is not much of his scene.

The plot is very nice and enjoyable. I would say that I seldom felt bored while watching the drama. It has both typical and unusual plot. The fact that the Crown Princess was forced to comply with her father to protect her lover was just so sad. She ended up being alone after her father crime was revealed.

Do Ji Han came as the cameo in the first two episodes as the crown prince friend as well as personal bodyguard. I was very delighted when I thought he is one of the supporting cast. But, man, he died too soon. I am actually looking forward for his acting. Too bad tho.

The political issues in the drama is limited to the 'Who is the next king'. It was not so heavy and the conspiracy to have the their generation as the next is the battle between the queen and vice premier only. I was glad that the queen using a quite good approach, using talisman (not like it works) and praying. The queen aren't so cruel to have her son to be a crown prince. I would say that the issue is light and not a cause of headache.

Loving is not about winning or losing. It is about giving - Jung Je Yoon

This is a must watched for all K-drama lovers ! 9/10