Monday 27 May 2019

27 Dresses

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Assalamualaikum, hola ! Alright, it's been more or less three days since I'm home. I've officially finished the last examination for my diploma life and I hope that the results will be better. For a little celebration, I wanted to post a review and I had chose this one out of all reviews in my draft. And another thing that I will post about is my diploma life, everything. I still can't believe that I have finished this chapter of my life. So, here it is.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : 27 Dresses
Runtime : 111 minutes
Released year : 2008
Genre : Rom-com
Distributor : 20th Century Fox
Country : United States
Cast : Katherine Heigl, James Marsden
Plot :

Jane Nichols is a secretary to George whom she loves. Jane also loves to attend wedding and she has been bridesmaid for 27 wedding. One night, Jane had to attend two wedding simultaneously. She keep disappearing from one wedding to attend another which raise curiosity of Kevin Doyle. Jane world turn upside down when her sister came back and fall in love with her boss. Both of them announced their wedding and Tess (Jane's sister) wanted Jane to handle everything for their wedding. Tess then invited a newspaper reporter which turned out to be Kevin Doyle. Kevin supposed to write about the love story of Tess and George had another intention. He wanted his article in the front page of the newspaper, so he started writing about Jane, being the forever bridesmaid.


This is actually a very lovable story. The plot is very very very nice and cute at the same time. The theme of family-first actually fit this movie very well. Even thought I hate Jane for being so nice and supportive for Tess when she announce that they will get married when she actually in love with the groom. However, I felt so sorry for her when she disclose all of Tess secret on her engagement night. Like, if it were ever happen to me, I wouldn't want to meet my sister at all. But still, what she did is a right thing to do.

This movie had a very strong opening scene, whereby Jane attend two wedding simultaneously and had to change inside taxi. I mean, who did that ?! This scene kind of leave a big impression on me. And also, this is the first time Jane came to know Kevin Doyle. The second best scene is when Jane tried out all of the 27 bridesmaid dresses she own and show them off to Kevin. I think that it is very interesting because every dresses had its own theme and watching every single dresses make me wanted to have one unique wedding which I doubt will happen.

Next, I personally love the chemistry of the main cast. I actually have a very little knowledge of the American artists that I often mistaken them for someone else. Apparently,  the one who act as Kevin is one of the cast in X-MEN. Well, I wouldn't know that if my friend didn't inform me. Lol. They seriously were a perfect match for this movie. I love it when they were stuck in the outskirt and had fun together.The moment Jane confessed her love to Kevin in the public, it is so lovable.

I would give 8/10 for this movie. And for the closing quote,

"You couldn't start a relationship based on lie" - Jane


Saturday 18 May 2019

The Player

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Assalamualaikum ~ So, how is your Ramadan so far ? Still full or nah ? Make sure to be in your best throughout this Ramadan, I am rooting for you guys  (also me><)! I am currently having a quite big gap for my next paper which will not happen till  the 21, so why not I fill my time with writing another review. 

I think I am in love with OCN dramas. Omgggg help mehhh.

not mine ; credited to the rightful owner

Title : The Player / Peulreieo / 더플레이어
Episodes : 14
Genre : Action, Crime
Network : OCN
Cast : Song Seong Hoon, Tae Won Seok, Lee Si Un, Krystal
Plot :

Kang Hari is a swindler. He then met with Im Byung Min, a hacker and Do Jin Woong, a fighter. They made money by fooling the big corporate owners and turn them to the police. Kang Ha Ri then purpose that they should took money from the biggest conglomerate  as he is caught in illegal act. However, they need a driver for their  plan to work. This is where Cha Ah Ryung came into the picture as she is a skilled driver. She then join the team as it will benefit them.

Another action drama that are really really good. But then, action is always good ^^


Honestly, I didn't want to watch this drama because of Krystal. I don't even know why but I don't like seeing her in dramas. However, the synopsis and all of the reviews of this drama is positive which made me change my mind. And I am glad that I did watch this drama. The first thing I'm going to talk is about the plot. I have to admit that the storyline are not really fantastic as compared to other action drama. It has the typical action drama whereby each of the protagonist are related to each other.  And what I really love is there is no romance or there is but a very little one that I didn't notice (?) in this drama. Ha ! That is the best part.

At first, I though Kang Ha Ri became a conman because of a rough childhood. Bur he actually is looking for the truth of his father's death. He wanted to reveal the truth behind his death. Hence, he brought the other three to accomplish his mission. Even so, when the others found out about his mission, he refused to get their help in getting his revenge. Talk about charisma, I guess.

Each character's side story were told and slowly revealed. Thus, there is no question left at the end of the story. The main protagonist are not exactly excellent at everything which I found it quite unique. At that, each of the other three will make up for his weaknesses. I really love the chemistry between the team. Especially when Cha Ah Ryung got into trouble and the other three tried so hard to save her despite her rude comment about them. They argue like siblings which I found that cute. Even though this drama is centered on the action and crime drama, the amount of comedy is sufficient enough. It makes the drama became more lively. Especially when Byung Min and Jin Woong are in one frame. They are one hilarious pair, ever.

As I watch from episodes to another, from the start till the ending, I actually lost with the timeline. I am not sure whether it is only me or not, but yeah. I was a little confused with the end. The story started with a bunch of reporters asking the prosecutor on the name of the special unit team which had caught all of the corrupted civil servants, conglomerates and corporation (I suppose is the player) However, the couple of last episodes show that three of the protagonist is caught and was sentenced to be jailed. I can't get that connected.

Beside of that, there is nothing that bother me. The plot completely satisfy me and the cast is definitely the best. No more pessimism towards Krystal's acting. Lol. I would gladly rate this for 7/10.

"Everyone has a story to tell, so do I" -Kang Ha Ri

Friday 10 May 2019

Bride Wars

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Assalamualaikum everyone ! So, I have yet started my final even though most of other courses had started their's. Well, I guess today is just one of lucky days where I get bored studying ( who doesn't anyway ) and I decided to watch this movie. And it is absolutely the best ! So, here we go ~
not mine ; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Bride Wars
Runtime : 89 minutes
Released year : 2009
Genre : Romcom
Country : United States
Distributor : 20th Century Fox
Cast : Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson, 
Plot :

Emma Allan and Olivia Lerner are bestfriends since they were six years old. Ever since witnessing a wedding at the Plaza Hotel, they had been planning for their wedding. Both of them wanted their wedding to held at the hotel and it must be in June. Emma and Liv was engaged at the age of 26 and they are expecting to be each other's maid of honor. They are able to schedule their wedding to be handle by the most wedding planner in New York. Everything was going smoothly until the wedding planner assistant messed up their date. Now, one of the bride need to change their date to another. However, none of them willing to give up their lifetime dream.

For the American or European movie, I gotta admit that I'm very sucks at finding a good movie. Normally, I only watched the superheros one but I rarely watch American rom-com. I am glad that I found this movie.


First off, the plot are really nice and very very very very enjoyable ! Especially when the two best friend became enemy to save protect their own lifetime dream, their wedding day ! They went all out to spoil each other biggest day so that only one of them can be the bride of the day. It seriously hilarious. The best one is when Liv change the color of Emma's body spray(?) and as a revenge, Emma change Liv's hair dye to blue, which was really contra to her hair color and definitely not suitable for her profession.

This movie emphasizes on the friendship of Emma and Liv, which really obvious. Upon their war declaration, Emma and Liv found themselves behaving out of their norms. Liv who were confident, had a strong sense of leadership and always ahead of others found herself grew sensitive and more expressive. Daniel (Liv's fiance) suggest that she should made up with Emma as she is the only one who would understand her the best. Meanwhile, Emma, the girl who always submissive, keep her thought to herself and composed had grew more aggressive and able to stand up for herself. This however cause her to almost losing her fiance (Fletcher) because he thought that she is different from what he met. Which in the end, Emma gave up on him.

This movie had me hoping that I would find myself a friend and partner who would accept me for what I am. I actually expect that Fletcher would left Emma because he is in love with the composed and calm Emma and not when she grew aggressive and able to express herself more. I was actually very glad that they mentioned who Emma married to, at the end of the movie. So, it is not disappointing at all.

I assure you that those 89 minutes are actually not enough as I found myself craving for more when the movie was about to reach the end. I seriously need more movie like this one. It's not heavy and not boring. I definitely will watch this again and again. So, I have no other choice than giving a high rating for this movie, 9.8/10 !

Okay, I guess, this is where I should end the review, most true and relatable quote,

"Life is not perfect honey, it's messy" - Daniel

Saturday 4 May 2019

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan !

May 04, 2019 3 Comments
Assalamualaikum love ~ So, berbaki lagi dua hari kita akan sambut ketibaan bulan yang mulia. Bulan yang penuh dengan rahmat dan bulan dimana pintu taubat di buka seluas-luasnya. Masa nilah kita nak kejar pahal banyak-banyak, ye dak ?

Well, I just wanted to wish a happy fasting to all muslims !