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Another Flowery Year #SixYearsWithOurHomeBTS

Assalamualaikum ~ Hey ya. So the holidays are over *to those who works and study. As for me, I am currently on break of life. Heh. Here is another topic that might bored some people and may be triggered others. I will solely talk about K-POP and BTS in this entry. So, to those who could not stand hearing, reading or talking about this topic, I suggest you to stop reading, peace !

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I could not believe that it has been six years since their debut. Wow. Time sure pass by quicker than we knew. It felt like I discover this beautiful group only yesterday. I do not really remember what I talked on last entry of BTS debut and I am not going to check it. If I ended up talking about the same thing, it's my apology. 

The first time I came across BTS is when I watch their debut MV, 'No More Dream' on YouTube. I was actually amazed with the concept of their group, hiphop (I am really a big fan of hiphop at that time). The plus point is the English subtitle of the song. With that, I am really fall in love with the group. I mean, who would talk about rebelling against the stereotype student in their song ? A song that will represent them at that. Well, BTS did. They really represent the teenagers who had no dreams and do whatever they were told to. The message of the song is strong. As a teenager at that time, I was really hooked onto the song. 

source : @BTS_official (Twitter)

Back then, nobody had imagine that this boys will be this big. I usually avoided situation where we would critics other artists and put my fav on a very high position because I am a fan of music. So, fanwars are the things that I hate the most in this community. From my view, every one works for what they dream of and their hard work should not be questioned. I was really sad when the K-netizen condemn BTS for where they came from. Despite all the hatred they received, they still keep going on and now, look where they are.

To be honest, BTS is the only group that I stanned for a very long time. Heh. Six years had passed just like this. I am not sure what is the special thing this group possessed that got me stuck. It may be the message they had on their songs, their chemistry, the history of their group or maybe their visual ? I am not sure. Whatever it is, BTS had became one part of my life.

BTS now is a well-known group, not only in Asia but also in the America and Europe. From what I had experienced, once an artist able to make their name big, they will gain two things, new fans and haters. BTS is not an exceptional. As for the fans, it may be a good thing, the family is growing. What is not good is when there is immature fans where they would compared everything and everyone to BTS. Honestly, I despised this kind of people. Like I said earlier, everyone works hard to be where they are now. Why bother comparing ?
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For the haters, it seriously got worse in the recent years. I usually avoid reading any news related to hating BTS because I will get sad. Especially the one with death threat. I mean, why would someone threaten to kill a person who they did not know personally ? Another thing that I would get sad over is the Malaysian community. Just because they spoke a different language than Malay, English, Chinese and Tamil, they deserves the hate ? Well, I am not pointing to all, but some of us really did this. This is so sick.

The two hate cases that cause quite uproar in Malaysia this year was the one where one of the religious man, quite well-known at that point out this group as demonic. Wow. This had managed to make me so sad. First, because the one who spoke. Is this really how a religious man should behave ? He should know better than me for he had better religious knowledge than me. Shouldn't we talk with manners ? Second, the ignorance. He merely quoting a news article that said 'Russia banning LY DVD because it deemed gays' or something like that. Because of this news article, he, who I believed did a very poor research on the topic, spoke his mind. I mean, why would not he look up for the mentioned thing before saying anything. In my view, there is nothing wrong with the content of the DVD. I do not know if I am 'blinded' with my love for this group or what, but all I can see is their chemistry and hard work. But then, I am not the one who are full with Islamic knowledge here.

In all honesty, I want these men to find the right path. The teaching that brought by the Prophet Muhammad. Then, how can they accept Islam if the Muslim behave that way ? The way he spoke are totally opposite of what Islam teaches. Again, I am not the one with full of Islamic knowledge. I apologize on behalf of that man. To write about the hates that they received is hard for me. Those men had became one of my happiness source so when they receive the backlash, it somehow managed to pain me a little. I had a little hope in me that they will come to the right path. This is what I pray for and I will not lose that hope till the end.

The second one was the one where one of the ministry in Malaysia said that they would bring BTS for the Visit Malaysia 2020. This caused an uproar, saying, why should we bring them and why will we not use our local artists ? To be honest, I think that this is quite childish. I believe that the ministry had looked up for the positive effect that will bring Malaysia to the world. But then, the locals did not want those good things. Actually, I don't really care. I don't like crowds which means I will never go to places with big crowds. If they want to bring them, then do, if not, then do. I am not some kind of obsessed fan that will do everything and anything for them. Lol. That is so not me.

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Everytime I looked back to the time they struggled to win the first place in music shows, and look at where they are now, I am very convinced that hard work would never betrayed. With them as one of my motivation, I keep my head high and fight. As I have ended my diploma phase, this raya I had countless questions on what I am going to do after this. Well, I am going to do what I am good at.

These past three years had been an incredible, wonderful and unbelievable years for both BTS and ARMY. The times when they first won Daesang, I still remember those moment like it was mine. And they did it again and again for the next years. Last year, when BTS was announced as the winner of Artist of the Year in MAMA, Jin had said that they had emotionally struggled at the beginning of the year. They were discussing whether they should ended their contract or not. And to think that they somehow wanted to ended their contract, was extremely sad. If I remember it correctly, the beginning of last year was only their second year to be known in the western industry. I am glad that they are able to made up their mind to not leave us yet. I am not ready for that. For the upcoming years, I hope they can stay true to themselves and enjoy whatever they did. 

So, whatever it is, I am done ranting about BTS. I am sorry for not able to keep the mood of the entry. Keep shining, BTS ~

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  1. rasa macam baru je celebrate diorang punya 5th anniversary haritu, now dah yang ke-6 TT_TT

    1. kannn.. pantasnya masa berlalu. sedar-sedar dah setahun hm