Star Nextdoor

Assalamualaikum ! I will probably be active blogging as I am on break  (I really need to work real soon *sigh) ! So, all of my free time will be filled with dramas and movies and little bit of reading. As a head up, I will make tons and tons of review. So, bear with me. This movie review will be the opening of that many of entries. Hehe.

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Title : Star Nextdoor / Iwootjib Seuta / 이웃집스타
Runtime : 98 minutes
Genre : Drama, Comedy
Released year : 2017
Distributor : Storm Pictures
Country : South Korea
Cast : Han Chae Yong, Jin Ji Hee, Im Seulong
Plot :

Hyemi is a top star is South Korea. She is known for her acting as well as the offer she got from Hollywood. What the world does not know is the fact that she is a mother to a middle schooler, Han Soeun. Hyemi then caught in a scandal where she is dating a member of idol group. Soeun then start disliking her mother as she date her bias.

I actually found this movie through Youtube. There's this one channel where they would take a clip from movie and I happen to watch that clip and boom. Here we are.


First of all, I watch this movie because of Seulong. Lol. And his scene are like, only three or four at most ? Even if he is the main reason that I wanted to watch this movie, the plot somehow encouraged my intention. Lol. This is a fun movie to watch, even though it is not so exciting but still, I love this.

I love how the both mother and daughter called each other. Unlike other daughter who called their mother as 'omma', Soeun called her mother 'Han Star'. As for Hyemi, she rarely called Soeun with her name. It was cute and heart clenching at the same time. I personally think that both character symbolize longing and empty despite having each other companion. Soeun always get hurt by her mother who denied her existence as daughter and the comments she made about her. Hyemi was always regret what she said to Soeun. She often reflects on herself, especially when Madam Park, her mother (Soeun's grandma) shove it on her face. They loved each other but had no idea how to show and expressed it.

My most favorite scene is when Soeun came clean about her feeling towards her mother, indirectly. Soeun was accompanying her friends on an acting audition when the staff mistook her as one of the contestant. Hyemi was happened to be one of the judges in the audition. She strongly refused to have Soeun on the audition but the director wanted to. Soeun then agree with condition that Hyemi helped her with the script-reading. And without taking her eyes off her mother's, Soeun get things off her chest. Hate to admit, but I cried, a veryyyy little tears. It was a sad scene.

The ending of the movie was good as Hyemi finally come clean about her status and decided to retire. However, her fame never stop as her manager constantly asked her to comeback. Even Soeun wanted her to be star again as she started to hate her mother's constant nagging.

Overall, I love the movie. No elements that make me disappointed and I love the way they wrap up the movie. 7/10