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One Day

Assalamualaikum ! Here is the 100th entry ~~~~~ This is quite awkward because most of my entries are filled with reviews, which totally the opposite of my intention in blogging again. But, here we are.

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Title : One Day / Eoneunal / 어느날
Runtime : 114 minutes
Genre : Drama
Released year : 2017
Country : South Korea
Distributor : OPUS Pictures, CGV Arthouse
Cast : Kim Nam Gil, Chun Woo Hee
Plot :

After the death of his wife, Kwang Soo an insurance examiner fall into depression. He went to work was assigned to a case involving a blind person, Miso accident who was now in a vegetative state. When Kwang Soo went to the hospital, he met a woman who introduced herself as Miso. Kwang Soo then learned that he is the only person who can see Miso who woke up as a spirit.


Alright, I was actually tried to broaden my favorite genre so I decided to watch this movie. For a two hours movie, this actually are really boring and slow, for me. I had skipped a few parts and even watch it with double speed.

The plot are simple and very straightforward. I didn't understand why they had to produce a two hours movie. Most of the scenes are quiet and had this gloomy feeling. I couldn't help being sleepy throughout the movie. Honestly, I feel bad for not appreciating this movie but I just can't force myself to respect it. The concept of seeing the spirit of a comatose person are something that had been used in movies or dramas through the years. At some point, it is just expected and not really interesting.

I don't really know both main actors so I don't want to say much. The one who plays as Kwang Soo are so great because I could literally felt depressing feeling radiating from him when he lose his wife. Other than that, I remember nothing. Well, the consequences of not really paying attention to the movie.

This movie are really did not match my taste, so for those who enjoy thriller, actions or crime related movie, this is really not for you. This movie is suitable who enjoy the sentimental feeling of a friend and family and for those who loves emotional movie then, this is the perfect movie for you guys.

Because this is not my preference and I am always out of my mind when I watch this, I can only rate it as 4/10


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