Monday 27 April 2020

The Game : Towards Zero

April 27, 2020 16 Comments
 Assalamualaikum, good day everyone ! How was your Ramadan so far ? I am working towards my goal quite... sluggish, so... I am hoping for a better me ! Here in my place had been raining ever since the first Ramadan so it is a little cloudy and the day had been on slow-motion for me. Enough of that, this entry is another of many k-drama reviews. And finally, I watched a drama from this year ! Yeay for me !

Title  : The Game:Towards Zero / The Game:Towards Midnight 
Episodes : 32, 30minutes per eps
Genre : Crime
Writer : Lee Ji Hyo
Network : MBC
Cast : Ok Taecyeon, Lee Yeon Hee, Im Joo Hwan
Plot :

Kim Tae Pyung had the ability to see the exact moment of someone's death when he looked into the person's eyes. He lives with Teacher Baek, who used to have the same ability as him. They were known to the financial and political world. A case of kidnapping brought him to Detective Seo Joon Young and for the first time, he couldn't see her death. They begun to solve the case together.
This is the first appearance of Ok Taecyeon after discharge from the military service.


I have been so excited for this drama because of the trailer that I watched and also because of the plot. It seems like it had a great story line and plot. And, I don't regret watching this drama. It is great on its own. I don't understand how can this drama had a low rating.

Unlike other crime drama, this drama had disclosed the suspect right from the first episode, if you could read between the lines, it was easy to point him out. And that fact alone, had me hooked. And also the ability that Kim Tae Pyung posses definitely got me wondering would his prediction be right or not. And unlike all other crime dramas that I had watched, this drama focus solely on one case which was the case of Killer of Midnight Copycat, a case from 20 years ago. So, there was a lot of things were revealed while investigating this copycat case.

There wasn't much major plot twist that had me blown but all the twist here and there keep the plot interesting and going strong. The thing of this drama was the criminal had me sided with him for quite number of times. Is that a good thing ?  My point was I keep on switching side between the detectives team and the criminal which had never ever happened.

The chemistry between Lee Yeon Hee and Taecyeon was great. Maybe it is because this is the second time they worked together. Their romance aren't a lot of cheesy scenes which is a good thing for me (cheesy is good but don't take too much, yea) However, their chemistry was overshadowed by Im Joo Hwan's acting. Personally, I think he is the lead male. I love his emotion, his firmness, his coldness, basically everything of him in this drama. I don't think I have watched his work (I have a very rusty memory so pardon me if I'm wrong) before but he is definitely one of the excellent actors out there !

Even though this drama was labelled as crime-related drama, there was nothing heavy. Or maybe it was just me. Anyway, the mood of this drama were just mild tense, a little humor and there and a little romance here and there. The ending of this drama was a bit disappointment for me because I wanted Tae Pyung's prediction to come truth but it would be a sad sad sad ending for everyone, whoops, I hope I'm not spoiling too much.  However, my level of disappointment and satisfaction was almost equal because I kind of  expect the ending. So, it was not much disappointment either.

Life is about worrying over things that didn't happen and trying your hardest to not let such things happen. Everyone else lives like that too. - Mr. Baek
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Thursday 23 April 2020

Ramadan 1441 H

April 23, 2020 20 Comments
Assalamualaikum, good day everyone ! Entri harini sebenarnya nak post semalam, tapi disebabkan semalam punya level kemalasan mengatasi segalanya, maka niat untuk menaip tu tertangguh sampailah ke harini.

Based on tajuk entry pun dah boleh agak kan nak cerita apa ? Kan ? Kan ? 

edited with

Pertama, alhamdulillah syukur kerana kita masih lagi dipertemukan dengan Ramadan tahun ni. Bukan semua orang dapat peluang untuk jumpa Ramadan tahun ni, betul tak? Tambah lagi dengan situasi covid-19 ni... Jadi, kita yang masih diberi peluang dan ruang ni, bersyukurlah dulu, yedok

Tahun ni, bulan Ramadan kita agak lain dari tahun-tahun sebelum. Kalau tahun lepas, kita ada bazaar Ramadan yang panjangnya sampai tak larat nak jalan, tahun ni nak keluar rumah pun tak dibenarkan tanpa sebab yang penting. Kalau tahun lepas kita boleh plan nak iftar dengan member, tahun ni nak pergi kelas/kerja pun kena online je. Kalau tahun lepas kita dapat nak join tarawih dekat surau or masjid dengan imam yang punya suara sedap, tahun ni tarawih sendiri, paling untung pun dengan family.

Apa keadaan sekalipun, semua tu bukan alasan untuk tak menjadikan Ramadan kita lebih baik dari tahun-tahun lepas. Apa kata kita belajar untuk look on the bright side, dengan tiadanya bazaar Ramadan yang panjangnya boleh patah kaki berjalan, kita boleh berjimat disamping mengelakkan pembaziran. Kaum ibu-ibu, masa nilah nak test power kat dapur, try test menu bazaar yang selama ni beli je, ye tak ? Walaupun tahun ni kita tak dapat nak iftar dengan member semua, kita dapat nak luangkan lebih masa dengan orang-orang terdekat. Walaupun tahun ni tak dapat nak tarawih jemaah di masjid atau surau dengan imam yang punya suara sedap, kita masih boleh jemaah di rumah dengan ayah atau abang sebagai imam. Masa nilah kaum adam ni nak tunjuk power dekat anak isteri, ye tak ?

Apa yang aku nak cakap kat sini, daripada kita fokus dengan apa yang kita tak ada, lagi baik kita jaga apa yang kita ada. Biasa kan dengar ayat tu ? Aku ulang je as peringatan kita semua. Lagipun kan, anggaplah puasa tahun ni as pengalaman baru nanti boleh lah nak cerita dekat anak cucu yang puasa tahun 2020 kita ni unik. Hehe.

Anyway, aku harap kita semua mampulah nak beramal dalam keadaan new normal ni. Target aku, Ramadan tahun ni nak khatam al-Quran at least sekali. Ni rasanya banyak tahun dah target benda sama tapi tak juga tercapai. Asyik kecundang ajaa. Doakan aku berjaya lah tahun ni. Aku tak berniat nak taip panjang pun, so better stop kat sini kot. Selamat beramal semua !

I'm wishing all of the Muslim a Ramadan Kareem ! May Allah bless all of us always ~

with me,

Friday 17 April 2020

Hit-And-Run Squad

April 17, 2020 12 Comments
Assalamualaikum, how are people holding up ? I hope everyone of us are in great condition and for the Muslims, Ramadan is coming up real quick ! How was your preparation? This Ramadan is no doubt would be a little different from what we were used to but I'm hoping that it would not affect our deeds during that month. Anyway, here is a review of a movie from last year that I had recently finished, or more like last week recently. Hehe.

Title : Hit-And-Run Squad / BbaengBan
Runtime : 133 minutes
Genre : Crime, Thriller
Country/Language : South Korea / Korean
Released year : 2019
Director : Han Jun Hee
Cast : Ryun Jun Yeol, Gong Hyo Jin, Jo Jung Suk, Yum Jung Ah, Jeon Hye Jin
Plot :

Lieutenant Eun Shi Yeon was working at the regional investigation unit in National Police Agency. Her team was investigating a bribe case involving the higher up in the police agency with Jung Jae Chul, and ex-F1 driver and now a businessman. When their team failed to acquire the prove, team was dissolved and she was transferred to a hit-and-run investigation team. Lt. Shi Yeon begins to work with Officer Seo Min Jae who was also considered as the ace of the team. She discovered that the team was working on a hit-and-run case with Jung Jae Chul as the prime suspect. They worked together to catch him.


This movie had been on my folder for so long. I had even forgot the blurb and eventually mixed it with another movie called 'Extreme Job' that I had yet to watch (let's hope it will be watched soon enough). First of all, I'm going to say that  got really excited when I see Ryu Jun Yeol on the screen. I had always wanted to watch another works of his after 'Reply 1988' but didn't had the chance. He was so great in that drama and he definitely even better on this movie. It was a whole new side of his.

As for the plot and storyline, I personally loved it and I think it's great. I am not sure why there's so many bad reviews on this movie in regards of its plot. Sorry not sorry. There were plot twists here and there but all of them wasn't much a shocker. However, I had to admit that the first quarter of the movie kind of bored me out because of too much cast were introduced. But things started to pick up from the moment Lt. Shi Yeon was transferred to the hit and run team.

My favorite scene was when Jae Chul and Min Jae had a showdown. Damn, that scene was the highlight of this movie ! I love how that scene calm me down but keep me toe at the same time. I loves how Ryu Jun Yeol acts out his character. His calm demeanor he had when Jae Chul caused unexpected barrier during the chase was really good. He don't even flinch and just went on, he had his focused on the road and  completely ignored Lt. Shi Yeon look. Another thing that I noted as very great was there was absolutely no conversation between the two of them. They act with their facial expression and that itself deserves a high praises !

This movie had a great casts line and all three main casts are my favorites ! Jo Jung Suk were really great with that stutter that it almost looks real. I don't think I've ever watched him as an antagonist but he did a great job on being one ! And as usual, Gong Hyo Jin never disappoint. Her versatility shows with different roles she had and she definitely one of my favorite Korean actress.

The ending of this movie actually gave a vibe for the second but nothing was confirmed, yet. The cameo of Kim Go Eun were really eye-catching and I am up for the second season ! 

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Saturday 11 April 2020

Yong Pal

April 11, 2020 6 Comments
Assalamualaikum, good day everyone. I hope you are staying strong until this situation solved. I know and I understand that it was a hard time for everyone but there was nothing we can do but to comply with the government, and of course don't forget to make du'a ! Anyway, I feels like it's been so long since I wrote the last review and I don't really know how this review would turn out, so bear with me ! This is a drama from few years back and it's great to fill in your days.

Title : Yong Palie / Yong Pal
Episodes : 18 episodes
Genre : Medical, Drama
Writer : Jang Hyuk Rin
Network : SBS
Cast : Joo Won, Kim Tae Hee
Plot :

Kim Tae Hyun is a third year resident at Hanshin Hospital. To bear the cost of medication of his sick younger sister, he worked with a loan shark to make house call for the gangsters. He then rose in rank at the hospital and was placed at the twelve floor where the VIPs treated at. He then caught in the middle of the conspiracy of the hospital owners when he decided to help Han Yeo Jin woke up from her forced comatose state.


Honestly, this is my first time watching Kim Tae Hee works. As far as I remember, I had never watched movies or dramas that starred in, and I don't even know why. And maybe that was why I mistook her for Kim Ji Won. 

Back to the drama, at first in was intense because of Kim Tae Hyun involvement in illegal house call. I love the action scenes (oh please, I am a sucker for this!). Then, there was Han Yeo Jin who was trapped in her body and confined because of her brother. I personally love the concept of betrayal.  
Is it bad that I kind of feel sorry to her brother ? Nah ? When she finally saved from her nightmare, things are going a little slow and almost got me bored. There was so much unnecessary repeated scenes from the past and it annoys me so much. 

The elements of surprises and plot twist was close to none which kind of sucks because I keep anticipating that. Every single thing that could be a twist was not really a twist, at least for me it's not. They had a good concept but the story line aren't really great. If they had twist the plot a little more, it definitely would be my favorite. 

If you can't walk to the throne, you can't sit on the throne either. - Yong Pal / Kim Tae Hyun

The romance between Kim Tae Hyun and Han Yeo Jin is great. I definitely could feel the love they had for each other. But I kind of get annoyed with Yeo Jin who still wanted to take revenge towards her brother in stead of let things go. It would be easier for them if Yeo Jin let things go. But then it is great that Tae Hyun had the 'patient and understanding' kind of characters. They were made for one another. No doubt.

The ending for the drama was a duh. Like, literally. Well, first, I felt like it was rushed, which a big loss for the plot, definitely could be better than that  and there was so much unanswered question going on at the end. I mean, doesn't an ending supposed to be the end for every character ? But this drama had me question the end for every single character, including the main. Yeah, sucks.

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