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Remember : Son's War

Assalamualaikum, good day (should I say night instead ?) dearest ! I feels like it has been too long since I wrote a review. Well, I couldn't even make time for blogwalking not that I am too busy it's more of me being lazy, as per usual. Anyway, this drama was from 2015 and I just re-watch it for the second time all because of the next drama that I had on the to-watch list. So yeah, here we are with a drama from five years ago.

Title : Remember - Son's War
Episodes : 20
Genre : Crime, Thriller
Director : Lee Chang Min
Writer : Yoo Hyun Ho
Network : SBS
Cast : Yoo Seung Ho, Park Min Young, Namgoong Min, Park Sung Woong
Plot :

Jin Woo became the youngest lawyer in South Korea to prove his father's innocence. His father was sentenced to death after became the suspect of Oh Jung Ah's murder case. Jin Woo had an absolute memory whereby he has the ability to remember his day in perfect details. During the process of uncovering the truth, he begin to losing his memory due to Alzheirmer.


The story starts from fours years ago where the murder took place. It was no secret of who is the killer and to what reason it was committed. This drama storyline was easy to follow despite having a heavy theme. I love how Jin Woo didn't lose his hope in bringing the justice to the light. Trial after trial he took just to put an end to Nam Gyu Man and Ilho Group. 

I love how the writers didn't just give in to the main characters to win in trial but instead make them suffers a little before gave them the price they deserve. The plot twist of the drama were something I don't really expecting since the storyline were pretty straightforward but it was no denying that the plot twists were great and fit in well in the drama.

As for the actors, everyone of them did wonder portraying their characters, especially Namgoong Min and Yoo Seung Ho. Because of this drama, I became a fan of Namgoong Min. He really did irritates me every time he lose his temper. Being an antagonist really suits him well. Even though I don't really watch Yoo Seung Ho's works, I am sure that he is a great actor seeing as he is able to catch a big role at such a young age. Well, maybe being a child actor do him great.

Even though it is my second time watching this drama, I still am filled with emotions. It was intense drama filled with anger, grief and definitely sadness. I don't remember (no pun intended) how many liters of tears that I had shed while watching the drama. The amount of romance between Jin Woo and In Ah were what I would say as comfortable and it is sad that they couldn't take it to the next level (married, got together something like that) at the end of the drama. 

Overall, I love this drama to the bones and it is a must watch for every k-drama lovers out there !

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