Friday 3 July 2020

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Hospital Playlist

Assalamualaikum, good day dearest ! How was your day so far ? I'm thinking of getting back on track for k-drama reviews, one review per week. I'm hoping that it would work even though there was not much new k-drama that caught my attention so probably I will do the old k-drama reviews. Anyway, I will start off the track with this drama. 

Title : Hospital Playlist / Wise Doctor Life
Episodes : 12 
Genre : Drama, Medical, Slice of Life
Director : Shin Won Ho
Writer : Lee Woo Jung
Network : tvN
Cast : Jung Kyung Ho, Yoo Yeon Seok, Jo Jung Seok, Kim Dae Myung, Jeon Mi Do
Related title(s): Hospital Playlist 2
Plot :

This drama portrays life of the doctors, nurses and patients at a hospital. Five doctors, Kim Jun Wan, Ahn Jung Won, Lee Ik Joon, Yang Seok Hyung and Chae Song Hwa went to the same medical school in 1999 and now they work at the same hospital while maintaining their friendship.

I'm sure most of k-drama lovers are known to this facts but I'm still going to share it; (a) director Shin Won Ho and writer Lee Woo Jung had worked together on the hit series 'Reply 1990s' and (b) this drama is a part of the 'Wise Life' series following 'Prison Playbook' that was released back in 2017.


First off, the vibes of this drama is a whole new and refreshing. It is stress-free drama, something that I don't usually watch but it is nice for a change. Instead of the usual epic, nerve-wrecking and tension in the surgery room, we got a lot more insight of what was happening in the daily lives of those in the hospital; mainly focused on the five friends. 

I love how those five friends had their own character and how they compliment one another. And all the side characters, the family, the hospital management team, the nurses, the patients were all just as great as them. I honestly had an enjoyable time and not to mention a good laugh while watching this drama. 

For the first time ever, I really enjoyed a drama with an absolute no plot twist. I usually get bored  and very very sleepy when there was no element of surprises that changes the characters but this drama had made it to the exception side. Each characters were just slowly opening their mind to show how they feels. 

Even though every episode serves for about one and half hour, I still craves for more of them. Each episode had their own comedic, love, and angst moments while balance out the whole drama. I love how they weren't only focused on their current lives (those five good friends) as the assistant professors on their department but also the story of how they became a good friend. 

The only one thing that I regret was the scenes of Jung Won and Gyeo Ul together. They are the cutest ship in this drama and I definitely up for the next season ! I need to see more of them, together properly ! And of course those other four's love life. It was all left with a huge question mark. What a way to end the drama. 

Out of all good OSTs used in the drama, this is my favorite , enjoyed !

original song by Cool released in 2001

p/s: I need to watch Prison Playbook next..

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  1. am totally agree and definitely can't wait for the next season ><

    1. get to pass another half of this year for that, lamanya rasaa

  2. dah lama tengok drama ni tak habis lagi. sebab xde plot so kita pun tak rushing sangat nak habiskan tapi memang best suka semua watak dalaam drama ni..hehe

    1. kannn, haritu tengok pun macam sayang je nak habiskan lagi-lagi bila tahu ada season 2