Sunday 18 September 2022

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Hospital Playlist 2

Assalamualaikum, good day dearest!

Title : Hospital Playlist 2
Episodes : 12
Genre : Medical, Romance,Comedy, Slice of life
Director : Shin Won Ho
Writer : Lee Woo Jung
Network : tvN
Cast : Jo Jung Seok, Yoo Yeon Seok, Jeon Mi Do, Jung Kyung Ho, Kim Dae Myung
Plot : 

Continuation of five friends; Lee Ik Jun, Chae Song Hwa, Ahn Jong Won, Kim Jun Wan, Yang Seok Hyung from their college working at the same hospital.

Hospital Playlist is back with the second season, maintaining the same casts, even the side characters. As much as I enjoyed the first season, this season I would say is more. Last season we are left with the five main characters' blurry love life and picking up from there, the plot are growing a bit more than the last one.

I also loves how the side characters' life was also being brought to the light, adding joys for me. Especially those who works were really close with the five friends, like Chu Mina, Do Jae Hak, Jang Gyeo Ul and Heo Seon Bin. Their characters were the one that gives emphasize on the 'vibe' of the main characters on how they are carrying their role in different setting.

And as per the first season, this season was also filled with so much emotions from sadness, loves and worries. And definitely the comedic moments that liven up the episodes. I loves the journey of the five towards romantic relationship. Chu Mina and her endless struggle to understand Seok Hyung and get him to notice her more than a subordinate, Jun Wan with his struggle in getting over Ik Sun, Jong Won trying to understand Gyeo Ul and lastly, Ik Jun waiting for Song Hwa to understand her feelings for him while maintaining their friendship. It was so wholesome!

I actually had watched this drama back in March but never got to write the review because of all things happening in my life. And so, I rewatched it again and finally got to wrote my thoughts and feelings on this drama. It was worth the watch. 

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  1. sukalah drama ni, walaupun macam slow sikit tapi best tengok friendship diorang, part komedi pun memang kelakar..haha