Friday, 18 September 2020

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Mystic Pop-Up Bar

Assalamualaikum, good day (I know it is almost midnight but let's pretend) dearest ! This time, I am going for a more relaxing drama instead of those crazy suspense, tension filled drama. And I just realized that the heroin in this drama and last drama's review is the same person. Anyway, let's get to it.

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Title : Mystic Pop-Up Bar / Twin Tops Bar
Episodes : 12
Genre : Fantasy, Comedy
Director : Jeon Chang Geun
Writer : Bae  Hye Soo (webcomic), Ha Yoon Ah
Network : JTBC
Cast : Hwang Jung Eum, Yook Sung Jae, Choi Won Young
Plot : 

Weol Joo had been punished for 500 years. She opened a pop-up bar at night to listen to the people's wound and hope then helps them through their dreams. Manager Gwi is a former detective at the Afterlife Police Agency and he was assigned to help Woel Joo completed her punishment. Weol Joo then met Han Kang Bae, a human with a special ability. When he had a contact with people, they would automatically speak their mind to him. With a limited time left, Weol Joo then hired Kang Bae to help her.

This drama is based on a novel of the same name by Bae Hye Soo, published on on 2016.


I think it's been so long since I last watch a non-action drama and it is definitely a breather for me. This drama is a very balanced drama, from the plot, the acting and even to the editing, there were elements of humors, sadness and even romance! I really love the sound effect they used throughout the drama. 

At first, this drama appeared normal as Weol Joo was in her past life as a happy teen. But things got tangled up when she got involved with the royal. I was confused at first because she was the victim in the situation so why would she got punished ? From then onward, 500 years passed and she need only ten more people to complete her quota. Due to the persistence of the higher rank (God, or something like that in their world), she need to complete her mission in a month time. And meeting Kang Bae was like a big advantage to her.

The drama had a very much humor scenes. I had a really good laugh while watching this drama. It was so healing for me. Even the stories of the people they healed was so relatable and some of them was so heart-wrenching. Got me teary eyed every now and then. Especially when they were almost make it to the 100,000 counts. Damn, the history of their past life was so unexpected. A shocking plot twist when I least expect it.

Some people said that this drama are like 'Hotel Del Luna' but I don't think so because they are so different from each other. Except for a fact that the female lead were punished for the wrongdoings they did in their past life. Everything else was different and very much great in their own way.

Every actors did really well playing their roles, but I wanted to give a big clap to Hwang Jung Eum. I had watched her other two works, 'Secret' and 'Kill Me,Heal Me' from all of her works and she wow me because this character were really different from the other two. I am not sure of her other works because I never really keep up with her works. But she do have the versatility in her. She killed her roles in all drama  that I had watched. One thing that I don't really like is she used her high tone in this drama and that are a teeny tiny weeny bit annoying for my liking. Oh, and her wardrobe was so cute ! Those modern hanbok and dresses she wore really catch my eyes, Especially for the modern hanbok. They are cute !

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  1. wow, looks so good how the story line is for me

  2. I laughed a lot and (unexpectedly) cried watching this one too :')

    I watched this one because of Hwang Jung Eum; from Lucky Romance to the recent one 'To All The Guys Who Loved Me'. I really love her acting! It makes me wonder why would people dislike her when she just acting as her character lol. I kinda like the genre she acted in which mostly fantasy-romcom with a hint of angst :')))

    1. Me too! Thought it would be a just happening drama without tears but maybe I'm asking too much lol

      doesn't it means that she's just so good if people dislike her? (trying to look at the positive side). Maybe I should check out another of her works bcs let's admit that she is an excellent actor !

  3. mistik? cam best je nih.nak tengok gak la

  4. Mama suka genre macam ni.. relaxing

    1. betul, cerita tak berat tapi penuh pesanan

  5. Suka tengok drama ini sebab 3 watak utama tu.. memang ohsem sangat..

    1. hahha siapa sangka mereka memang berkait dari zaman silam lagi