Friday, 30 October 2020

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The Legend Of The Blue Sea

Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! Last week was a bit hectic for me and I got no time to finish the drama and wrote the review. Hence, here it is now.

Title : The Legend Of The Blue Sea
Episodes : 20
Genre : Fantasy, Romance, Drama
Director : Jin Hyuk
Writer : Park Ji Eun
Network : SBS
Cast : Lee Min Ho, Jeon Ji Hyun
Plot : 

Heo Jun Jae is a conman. He works with Jo Nam Doo and Tae Oh. After a big success of another project, he took a rest and went abroad and stay at an oceanside resort. Due to a big tidal wave, a nameless mermaid was stuck at the resort where Jun Jae stayed at. She then broke into his resort and eat his food. Realizing this situation, Jun Jae called the local police station and have her captured. However, her jade bracelet caught his attention. Upon knowing the value of the bracelet, he went to police station and released her. After spending a day together, he took the bracelet and leave her in a mall. Feeling guilty for not saying goodbye, he went for her and took her in for a day. Getting caught by the people he conned, they escape to the ocean where then they came to the end of cliff. The mermaid then pulled Jun Jae to the ocean and erased his memory. Jun Jae went back to Seoul with no memory of her while the mermaid swam for three months to Seoul to meet Jun Jae again.


2016 was such a win for k-drama lovers because there was so many good dramas! This drama was no exception. This drama was so balanced between the light-ness and heavy-ness. There was comical scenes at the beginning because of how unfamiliar all things is to the mermaid who then named as Sim Cheong. 

The plot was so flow-y and well directed. I especially love the relation with the past lives of the present character. It was so sad to think that every ill-fated past will haunted them to the present. Sung Dong Il was given a villain character, Ma Dae Yong in this drama and he was so good at it. Even though there wasn't a scene of him being cruel, but he make it up with his expression and tone. It was a struggle for Jun Jae for not letting the history to repeat itself.

Heo Jun Jae's family conflict definitely an added spice to this drama. Especially when his step-mother is related to Ma Dae Yong. I was confused of Heo Chi Hyun's real side. He seems nice but then he turned a blind eye for his mother. He is just another sick character. I was so frustrated whenever Jun Jae almost met his mother. It really irked me whenever they just passed one another without knowing. She was closer than he thought.

With a cameo by big names such as Jo Jung Suk, Jung Yoo Mi, Krystal, Cha Tae Hyun and Ahn Jae Hong really made this drama stood out. I love those episode with Jo Jung Suk. He was a merman who's with a limited time after his love married to someone else. He taught Sim Cheong how to live in the land and all. 

Another reason why this drama was so successful was the OSTs. I really can't chose a favorite with this drama. The one sung by Yoon Mirae was good and so is the sung by Lyn and Sung Si Kyung. And like I said, 2016 is a win for k-drama lovers. Great dramas, great OSTs, what else could we asked for.

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  1. mcm best je drama ni. nanti free nak tonton la...

  2. true, this drama is win! although i tak tgk.. but ramai org talked about this drama...

    1. hahaha, kalau yang tak tengok pun tahu it is a win, it sure is !

  3. best drama ini.. Ada babak kelakar, romantis dan juga sedih..

  4. pernah jd trending ni satu ketika dahulu n lepas cerita ni keluar makin ramai fan si lee min ho ni termasuk bos sy balik2 dia cerita psl lee min ho..aigooo.. hahaha

    1. trueeee ! lee min ho ni memang collect fans sejak 'Boys Over Flower' lagi tapi I don't really a fan of him hahaha

  5. Replies
    1. haah... cinta antara si duyung dengan lelaki penipu