Tuesday, 12 January 2021

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Innocent Witness

Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! So, I have like, few days gap in between my papers so I decided to have a little visit to my fellow bloggers, it's been so long since I last blogwalking and I'm missing it. Anyway, here is a little movie review update! I watched this movie like in November last year, lol.

Title : Innocent Witness, Witness
Runtime : 129 minutes
Genre : Drama, Crime
Country / Language : South Korea/Korean
Released year : 2019
Director : Lee Han
Writer : Moon Ji Won, Lee Han
Cast : Jung Woo Sung, Kim Hyang Gi
Plot : 

Soon Ho is a lawyer. Even though he is working for a big firm, he is not getting big pay. One day, his boss asked him to be a lawyer for a pro-bono case. A murder/suicide case where he need to defend his client, a woman in her 40s who worked as housemaid. The victim is a man in his 80s who is also the house owner where the woman work. The suspect argued that it was suicide case and she is only trying to help her master from committing suicide. Her statement, however, was contradicting with a witness, Ji Woo, a 15 years old autistic girl who lives across road. She claims that the housemaid is killing the old man and staged it as suicide. Soon Ho met Ji Woo for her statement and to prove his client is innocent.


I came to know of this movie when I watch the trailer on YouTube and I have been waiting since then. But me being me, I delayed watching and here we are, a year later! This movie is heart warming with a strong message and it is so close to our reality. Every person argued that they could not take Ji Woo's statement as she is still a child and not to mention an autistic, which they believe is mentally incapable. That mindset, stigma was so unnecessary in this society but it is still relevant to some. How sad.

Soon Ho was assigned to the case to improve their firm's reputation on the public and he also wanted to get a promotion after working as a lawyer for a long time. But, as he spent time with Ji Woo, he actually enjoyed her company and he begin to understand her world. That however, didn't stop him from believing that his client is innocent and Ji Woo is mistaken. He had Ji Woo to stand on the witness stand and had spoke some insensitive words to her after spending so much fun time together. 

I don't usually focus on the character development but I couldn't help to notice in this movie. During the time they spent together, Soon Ho became more understanding and he somehow, found his way back to his real intention becoming a lawyer. From a unhappy lawyer who struggle to care for his father and pay for his debt, he slowly become happier and more appreciating. Ji Woo had found courage to face people and begin to accept that she is special on her own way. The old Ji Woo would try to fit in the 'normal' way so that people can accept her more but after making the decision to stand on the trial again, she finally accept the way she is.

For me, this movie is in between light and heavy as it is. I am not overwhelming with so much drama but it was not a flowery road either. The fact that Ji Woo is a witness to a possible murder case itself is heavy but the road to justice was not so much. I think it balances out with one another. It however, plays with my emotion really well. I was so much sad when Soon Ho turned his back on Ji Woo during the first trial. I was also so confused on who is right because Ji Woo could be mistaken and the suspect was telling the truth. But then the suspect could lied, it was so confusing! 

I really really enjoyed this movie. It helps me to understand the world of other people a little deeper. We should always bear in mind that, we are all different and we are all special.

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  1. ini yang Aien nak tengok ritu.. Tapi tak ada mood pulak. Boleh la cari ni. Thanks Su… ^^

  2. good luck in your papers!!!!! do you best :)

  3. Syok betul tengok filem ini.. Suka tengok usaha Soon Ho mempertahankan Ji Woo..