Monday, 25 January 2021

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The Cursed

Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! During my final week, I have like a big big gap (probably due to the fact that I only took four subjects) so I cross off another k-drama in my list. And now that I have begin my break, please look forward for my weekly k-drama reviews.

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Title : The Cursed / Method
Episodes : 12
Genre : Thriller, Mystery, Horror
Director : Kim Yong Wan
Writer : Yong Sang Ho
Network : tvN
Cast : Uhm Ji Won, Jung Ji So, Song Dong Il, Jo Min Joo
Plot : 

Im Jin Hee is a reporter. She is keen in bringing down Forest, a big IT company in South Korea. While gathering information about Jin Jong Hyun, Chairman of Forest, Jin Hee met with Baek So Jin, a high school girl who possess an ability to kill someone through a spirit in her. So Jin claims that Jin Jong Hyun is possessed by an evil spirit and can be defeat only through spiritual ways. However, Jin Hee didn't trust her and leave. Due to argument with her manager, she felt vengeful and went to So Jin to 'kill' him. After realizing that her manager really died the way So Jin describe, they begin to find ways to take down Jin Jong Hyun who is helped by a woman shaman called Jinkyung.


Usually, I would avoid this kind of drama but I am not sure why this one is an exception (it's been on my to-be-watch list for a long time). Maybe because there's Sung Dong Il. Maybe not. Well, I am not sure weather to be glad that it is an exception or not. 

First off, I did enjoy this drama. It had a great story-line and actors. The first episode gave me a big impression that I could not not watch this drama. Every character was introduced in a great manner, even though it was quite a number of people. The backstory of So Jin was also told as why she hated Jin Jong Hyun so much that she wanted to kill him. And with that pace, I can easily find myself slip through the episodes.

The suspense was evident in every episode and I actually manage to finish this drama in just 2 days time. I usually took my time with watching drama but I was so curious what will happen next. I love the build up and the flow of this drama. It was slowly unravel on how that evil spirit can possess Jin Jong Hyun, what is  Jinkyung shaman planning to do with Forest, how deep So Jin and Jin Jong Hyun is related. And, that one scene where So Jin kill Jin Hee's manager, that was so gruesome. Glad it was only one scene because it was so detailed, and I couldn't help but felt like vomiting while watching.

Every actors was so great that I could find fault in them. What shocked me the most was how well Song Dong Il bring his character. I was so used with his silly, funny characters that I forgot that he is capable to act with this serious, cold character. Another character that I like is Jung Ji So's. I think I have never watch her acting before (checked her work and she acted in Parasite and many others that I may have watch but not remember her character) but she was really great as Baek So Jin. I love how cold she is while talking about murdering someone.  

The ending is a little disappointing for me. I was expecting things will really resolve and So Jin can live her life without worrying that the evil spirit will find his next victim but instead she had to take it all for herself. And it really annoyed me that they left us hanging! After everything ?! I am not sure to anticipate the next season or not because there's small possibility for this drama to be make as a series.

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  1. selalu tengok Song Dong Il bawa watak kelakar tapi kalau dia berlakon serius atau jahat memang best :)

    1. betul tuuu, dah terbiasa dengan watak kelakar dia, pastu tengok drama ni rasa macam wow gila

  2. Memang syok gila tengok drama ini.. Suspen..