Sunday 28 February 2021

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Hear Me

Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! Since I am starting new semester tomorrow, and I am not 100% ready, I decided to write on this movie review I watched last Friday. I love everything about this movie and it was so relaxing!

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Title : Hear Me
Runtime : 109 minutes
Genre : Romance
Country / Language : Taiwan / Mandarin, Taiwan Sign Language
Released year : 2009
Director : Cheng Fenfen
Writer : Cheng Fenfen
Cast : Eddie Peng, Ivy Chen, Yanxi Chen
Plot : 

Tian Kuo is a deliveryman, working for his family restaurant. One day, he make a delivery to a swimming team with hearing impairments. He then met two sisters, Xiao Peng who is training to be in the Deaflympics and the younger sister Yang Yang. Tian Kuo is interested with Yuan Yuan, they then begin to spent time together. After an incident, Yuan Yuan realized that she has been drifting away from her sister. She then broke it off with Tian Kuo.

Eddie Peng looked so familiar to me so when I checkout his filmography, turns out he is the one who acted in 'The Last Woman Standing'.


This movie take me for a wonderful experience. I have never watch any movie that solely focused on the hearing impairments people. It usually just an occasional mention in dramas but never a center focus.

Despite most of the scenes were shot in sign language, I can still feels the heated arguments, the desperation and also the tensions. I even cried when Xiao Peng and Yang Yang had a heart-to-heart talk. And they don't even talk in a sense that I, we familiar with. To make up with the less dialogue, they fit in the background noises and for me, it was okay. It will be too empty without them. The the actors were so great with their expressions while 'talking'. 

I love the chemistry between Tian Kuo and Yang Yang. They were so cute together and their love was innocent. I love how awkward Tian Kuo was when he wanted to coax Yang Yang. Yang Yang character's was matured as she worked hard so that her older sister can only focused on training. Her selflessness make her put aside her feelings for Tian Kuo. But after their talk, she make an effort to reach out to him.

What I didn't expect was the twist at near end. It seriously had me grinning like a fool. I feel cheated but in a good way. I was really happy for them. Tian Kuo's parents were also a great character to spice up their romance. This movie is light and very much enjoyable. 

I'm sorry because I couldn't find the one with English subs.

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  1. mmg kena redha kalau tgk jenis2 ni.. susah nak dpt yg ada subs

  2. I bet this movie is quite interesting! Thanks for listing my blog in your blog roll... I will return the favour soon.

  3. Eddie Pang? Oh, lama tak tengok movie dia. He is the one actor yang best jugak buat masa sekarang ni. :)

  4. Its been a long day I haven't watch Taiwan drama. Yeah there's only few movie abt this issue . Goodluck for new semester :)

  5. sampai ke sudah tak tengok cerita terus lupa.rasanya sebab masalah subtitle ke. nice movie :)

  6. oh! bertabahlah dgn cerita lama..jenuh nak paham ^_^

  7. Kalau part takde subtitles kena gigih nak faham jalan ceritanya.

  8. poster dia sweet! Baca jalan cerita pun macam menarik