Saturday 27 February 2021

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Five Things To Be Prepared For Another Semester Of Online Classes

 Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! So, I have like only two days(wow, why I'm not ready and not surprise?!) to start the new semester. It was suppose to start this week but it gets pushed back for the reason that I am not going to find out. Here we go, another semester of not going back to campus! We actually can apply to go back to campus but I'm not applying because I'm too lazy to pack my things and I personally think it will be a hassle for everyone to sent me to campus. Anyway, here is the list of things that I need so that the second semester will pass smoothly. Hopefully so.

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Note three: Oh yeah, all links will be bring you to a specific Shopee product. However, this entry is not sponsored by Shopee or any other third party. It's just me, promoting whatever things I love. Now, let's get to it.

1. Desk lamp

I have planned to buy this lamp long ago, even before I started my degree all because I love to read before going to sleep. I tried using my sleep lamp but it is a sleep lamp for reasons. It was so dimmed that I hurts my eyes. Which then, I ended up going to sleep instead of reading lol su you're suppose to sleep in the first place. Anyway, last semester, I had to stay up to edit videos and not having a desk lamp kind of sucks because I need to turn on my room lamp. And because my ceiling fan decided to have an early retirement, it is hot with the room lamp on. I have already get mine from MR.Diy but it can easily be found on the shopping websites.

This shop offers a free shipping and nothing is better than shopping online without paying for shipping, righttt? This product also offers a clip version;

Plus, this desk lamp had a flexible hm, holder? Am not sure what to call it, but you can adjust, bend higher or lower,  the position of your light whatever way you wanted. Good right? It used USB to charge.

Another links of similar product:

  1. Rechargeable Wireless Table Lamp (Stand/Clip)
  2. White Clip Table Lamp

2. Coloured pen

What make notes fun to read? Colours! So what do you need? Coloured pens! 

What's better than coloured pens? A cutesy coloured pens! Yeah, this one offers a set of ten multi-coloured pen with cute design on its body!

This shop offers four set of nine multi-coloured pens and they're all gorgeous! Please check it out yourself, I am very much tempted to buy more pens right now.

Another links for similar product:

  1. Set of 5, Vintage Coloured Pen
  2. Set of 12, Diamond Head Coloured Pen

3. Highlighters

Another essential thing for students and office workers and bujo owners are highlighters. My old one still had the inks but we should have back ups, shouldn't we?

This is one of my favorite type of highlighter, it is pastel! If you guys prefer a neon one, next one is for you~

Another links for similar product:

  1. Set of 6, Pastel Highlighter
  2. Set of 5, Twin Head/Double Tip Highlighter
  3. Set of 12, Twin Head/Double Tip Highlighter

4. Post-it notes and flag up

Having a thicc textbooks can get really annoying, right? Solve it with the flag up to mark the important chapters! Some people called it label post-it note. Also, having a post-it notes can make studying really fun! If we are not in this remote situation, we can use post it notes to gossips in class (little kid are allowed to follow this advice).

A set of little bit of everything. During my highschool days, I will purchase this like of product, it is cheaper and easier, at least for me. Now, I don't use much flag up so I just stick to the sticky notes.

This one is a little more cute version of post-it note and flag up.

Another links for similar product:

  1. Plain Set of 5 Colours Post-it Notes
  2. Set of 6, Gradient Colour Flag Up
  3. Set of 10, Multistyle Flag Up
  4. 30 sheets/pages, Elegant Gradient Post-it Notes
  5. 30 sheets/pages, Nature Lanscape Post-it Notes
  6. 50 sheets/pages, To-do-list Post-it Notes
5. Notebooks (andmemopadbecausewhynot)

Most essential thing is finally here! Notebooks! And Memo pads! Okay, memo pad is a smaller version on notebook and it is like post-it notes without the sticky part. Get it? 

With the size of B6(125mm x 175mm), this notebook come with a 100 pages! They also offers multiple design and I loves the aesthetic of it. Oh, make sure you guys read the description because the pages(may be blank, dotted, grid) differs with each design. Further question, chat the seller. Hehe

This one comes with several design that you can choose from from the cover to the pages. With A5 size(145mm x 210mm), it comes with 100 pages.

Another links for similar product:
  1. A5, 100 pages for Ring-Bind Leaves Design Notebook
  2. A5, 64 pages Random Cute Design Notebook
  3. A5, Custom Hardcover Notebook
  4. A5/B5,100 pages Plain Cover Notebooks
  5. 60 pages, Cute Design Memo Pad
  6. 48 pages, Bears Design Memo Pad
  7. 80 pages, To-do-list/Check-list/Notes/Reminder Memo Pad
  8. *not sure how many pages, ask seller hehe* To-do-list Memo Pad
So, I think this is all I can share. I hope next semester will be as smooth as last semester. And, to everyone else who are going to start their study soon, good lucks! And to those who are currently working, good luck to you too! 

P/s: I have not buy any of these products from the said seller but I definitely will visit this entry to do so. Especially those cute notebooks, and pens, and highlighters, and sticknotes, okay not the lamp because already purchase one. Hehe



  1. adeh..geramnya tengok buku nota yang comel comel tu

  2. cute nya notebook tu ^^ thanks yaa for sharing

  3. thanks! i need this tips sbb i cant wait for japanese lesson class dah.. kena daftar online dah ni

    1. you're welcome! good luck for your class!

  4. Zaman study dulu semua benda ni penting. Lepas tu planner deco cantik2 dengan colourful sticker. Tp sekarang lagi mudah nak dpt sebab banyak kedai yang jual murah2. Dulu mahal sikit.

    Selamat datang semester baru !

    1. aaaa, suka jugak kumpul stickers, lepas tu sayang nak guna hahahha... thank you!

  5. semuanyaaa berbaloi kalau beli!! comel2

  6. Cik TK sama suka highlighter pastel. Tak gemar jenis neon sebab sakit mata. Baru beli 2 minggu lepas.

    Selain highlighter, sticky note dan sticker pun sekarang Cik TK suka intai2, mana best boleh beli dan guna untuk bujo.

    1. kannn... su try jugak nak buat bujo hmm tapi updatenya setahun sekali hahahha

  7. Pen warna-warni is a must for me yang kalau satu colour je notes bole tido

  8. Sungguh kah preparation mcm ni sekali ^_^
    sungguh berseni..semua colorfull :)

  9. Hyee awak!!! Wah dah masuk next semester ehh? Tahniah.. Tahniahh ehehe good luck tauu. Saya masih dalam mood cuti sem ni hahahah pertngahan bulan 3 nanti baru mula sem baru. Ngee btw, Hana dah delete blog tau.. So saya singgah ni sbb rinduu nk blogwalking hahaha plus tengh sendu kat rumah tk da buat apa sngt hahahaha.

    Ok lah, bubyeee! Good luck yaaa :)

  10. yessss! Semua ni memang wajib beli haha dah la sekarang banyak yang comel2! Happy je guna dekat office

  11. Those are cute! Notebook is my essential :D