Wednesday 24 February 2021

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Missing You

Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! I am dreading for the new semester to begin next week so, here is a movie review that I should have wrote long ago. Hope you can enjoy!

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Title : Missing You / Waiting For You
Runtime : 108 minutes
Genre : Thriller, Suspense
Country / Language : South Korea / Korean
Released year : 2016
Director : Mo Hong Jin
Writer : Mo Hong Jin
Cast : Shim Eun Kyung, Kim Sung Oh, Yoon Je Moon
Plot : 

A detective who was working for a serial murder case was killed on his way to home. That detective had a seven years old daughter named Hee Joo. The murder, Ki Bum was eventually caught but he was only charged with one murder. 15 years later, Ki Bum was released from the prison. Detective Dae Young, who was a partner with Hee Joo's father constantly put Ki Bum on the watch. He is determined to convict the other murders on Ki Bum. While the police force is watching Ki Bum, Hee Joo who had been waiting for Ki Bum, started her own plan to catch the person who killed her father herself.


This movie started off with the murder of Hee Joo's father. It happened so fast and unexpected. All I know was he get off the taxi while the other person was trying to get into the taxi and the next thing happened was he was stabbed, right on his neck.  The scene was so sad. When they caught Ki Bum, I am on the fence to either believe that he is the killer or he is not. The constant denying on his part was do feels a little sarcastic and mocking like, 'Hah, I am not the killer but you won't know,' make me leaning a bit more on the guilty side.

The plot was actually simple. Detective Dae Young need a prove that Ki Bum is the serial killer and Hee Joo need to trap Ki Bum for another murder. What makes it interesting was the existence of another person. While I believe that Ki Bum was the killer for the murder, I didn't expect him to have an accomplice. 

All the minutes spent on this movie was used perfectly well with the suspense and thrilling scenes. It was hard for me to not pay attention. The moment when Ki Bum found out about Hee Joo was really thrilling. The final 30-40 minutes really keep me on my toe. It was a battle between Hee Joo, Ki Bum and the police force, which will get whom first. The way it ended put on a teeny tiny question mark in my head because Hee Joo successfully carried out her final plan and Ki Bum is to serve another years in the prison but then there's no Hee Joo in the court trial nor after that. Ki Bum was charged with an attempt murder which mean Hee Joo is alive! But, where is she after that? I'm pretending that she went to that concert she been waiting for.

Shim Eun Kyung who played Hee Joo was a great actress. I love the duality of her character. Hee Joo in front of Detective Dae Young was a sweet, innocent and simple girl but Hee Joo in her room was manipulating, observant, and scary girl who craves for revenge. The way she planned her revenge and carried them was scarily intelligent. I love her character the most. Oh, and Kim Sung Oh played Ki Bum really great too. I thought he only suited the, dumb, jobless but wise neighborhood uncle but he really wow-ed me with this character. 

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  2. macam flower of evil juga.. tiba-tiba jak ada another an accomplice..

    1. su tengah tengok flower of evil! lain sikit kot konsep accomplice dia haha...

      p/s: review flower of evil maybe hm hujung bulan depan kot baru post, ikut turn hahahha

  3. i dont watch korean drama but movie is okay! puting this on the list, thanks

  4. Menarik.. mama suka cite mcm ni

  5. I thnik I should watch this movie...

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  7. not bad lah.. menarik storynya

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