Wednesday, 30 June 2021

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The Good Detective

Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! After sooooo long, I am back. With. Another. Korean. Drama. Review. I really miss watching k-drama however, with this online class, I just can't have another hour sitting in front of my laptop. Hence, I stopped watching dramas (I don't really like watching through my phone, it's just feels wrong). But, here, I have like a month break before the short sem so I am going to marathon all pending drama (as much as I can because we will never run out of drama to watch)! And I think I can go on watching drama during short semester because I only take like, 2 subjects. Soooo, yeah, here we go!

Title : The Good Detective / Model Detective
Episodes : 16 episodes
Genre : Crime, Drama
Director : Jo Nam Kook
Writer : Choi Jin Won
Network : JTBC
Cast : Son Hyun Joo, Jang Seung Jo, Lee Elijah, Oh Jung Sae, Ji Seung Hyun
Plot : 

After one year break, Oh Ji Hyeok started his detective career again. He was posted to the Violent Crime Division at the West Incheon Police Station. Ji Hyeok solved cases through evidence and how the criminal thinks. His partner, Kang Do Chang is a veteran detective. Unlike Ji Hyeok, he solved cases with his experience, personal connection and intuition. After receiving reports on the disappearance of Lee Eun Hye, the daughter of Lee Dae Chul, a murderer of a female college student and a detective five years ago, Kang Do Chang and Oh Ji Hyeok begin to investigate. The case turns out to be a show from Park Gun Ho and Lee Eun Hye. They tries to plead to the public to re-investigate Lee Dae Chul's case as he is innocence. Kang Do Chang and Lee Ji Hyeok then tries to uncover the truth of the case before Lee Dae Chul's execution.


I was a bit skeptic when I first started to watch this drama mainly because of the title. However,  it turns out to be a reeeeeally great drama. I love how every scene was played and how the secret behind the case slowly came to the light. The first half odf the drama focused on proving Lee Dae Chul's innocence before his execution. At first I thought it was going really well. Like, too good to be true and it really is. All hope on their side crushed down with just a lie from the one who supposed to be protecting the weak and it is all for their own career advancement. That really makes me furious.

Aside from making my blood boil, this drama actually got me laugh so often.  It wasn't a really heavy drama that usually will give me headache trying to figure out who is the bad guy as the bad guy was pretty obvious. There were so much scenes that really got humor. I personally love the chemistry between the two partners. Their personality was so different but they fit perfectly. And those sad scenes, it was really hard for me to control the tears. Not to the point I'm weeping my eyes out but it reached deep in my heart. Especially when it involved Lee Eun Hye.

What I actually did not expect to see is a romance between Ji Hyeok and Jin Seok Kyung. He was rude to her ever since their first meet. Maybe it was the prejudice of a detective towards reporter. But as the story progress, their character develop a deeper relationship and for me it was good and gets really cute! Especially when Ji Hyeok randomly said that he had a crush on her in a way and the next minute, he gets knocked out after one sip of alcohol. 

One thing that I really love about this drama is how the focus case is only Lee Dae Chul's case. Unlike another crime and investigative drama that gives different case say, per two or three episodes, this drama really focused only on one case. Sure, there were filler cases; like where they went to catch the biggest gang in Incheon (oh, I have a really good laugh when they went to catch the gang leader) but it mainly Lee Dae Chul's case that mentioned.

By the ending, I love how every characters' personal conflict was resolved. It really gave me a massive satisfaction. And guess what, season two is confirmed! I really couldn't wait for another season of this  drama. 

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  1. Adoi.. menarik pula baca review Thes ini.. nak try tengok lah..

    1. hehe, tengoklah kakshaa... memang best!

  2. tgh tgk skg ni drama ni kat tv3..xtau selalu excited tgk cite kdrama tv3 ni tp kalini lbh mgantok tgknyee aduhai~

    1. ohh, ada eh k-drama dekay tv3? su tahu dekat tv9 je yg ada..