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It's Okay, That's Love

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Title : It's Okay, That's Love
Episodes : 16 episodes
Genre : Psychology, Romance, Comedy
Director : Kim Gyu Tae
Writer : No Hee Kyung
Network : SBS
Cast : Zo In Sung, Gong Hyo Jin, Lee Kwang Soo, Sung Dong Il, Do Kyung Soo(D.O)
Plot : 

Jang Jae Yeol is a novelist and also a radio DJ. One day, he is asked to appear on a talk show where he will be in debate with a psychologist. Ji Hae Soo is forced to replaced her senior in the talk show. They both stand strong with their point and did not want to back down. After the show, Jang Jae Yeol wanted to know Hae Soo better but she avoid him. Because of renovation in his current apartment, Jang Jae Yeol needed to find a new place. His agent told him to go to the house that he rented. When he knew that Hae Soo is one of the tenants, he immediately agree. Besides Hae Soo, there are another two man who rent the house, Jo Dong Min, a psychiatrist and senior of Hae Soo and Park Soo Kwang, a coffee shop worker who had Tourette Syndrome. 

Hands down, this is one of my favorite K-drama all the time. I first watch it in 2014, when it first aired on SBS.


I think this is the first drama that really drawn me into psychology and my interest in learning them. Despite discussing quite a heavy topics on mental illness, it was executed with so much ease. Each episodes are very very enjoyable and filled with humor.

Ji Hae Soo, even though she herself is a psychologist, she still suffers from panic disorder due to the thought of having sexual relation with another people. And because of her trauma, she couldn't get passed kissing when she is in a relationship. Jae Yeol who knows of her disorder still pursued her with a reason that only Hae Soo can understand him.  

This is one of those drama where the main couple doesn't have complicated relationship. I love how they communicate with one another. With Jae Yeol's understanding and Hae Soo's command, they have a really smooth relationship. Though, it was obvious when Jae Yeol is mad. I seriously loves this couple. They are just so cuteeeee I kenot lahh.

Even though the plot are focusing more on the two main characters, Jang Jae Yeol and Ji Hae Soo the side characters still shines with their own way. One of the reasons why I love this drama so much is because of the chemistry between the actors. Not just between Gong Hyo Jin and Zo In Sung but the whole crew. The facts that some of them are closed friend in real life really helps.

If a story is all flowery, it could get boring. The plot twisted when the perfect man, Jae Yul was actually suffers from schizophrenia. Even though it beforehand (as I have watched it before) I still couldn't help but to shed few drop of tears. His character before and after the diagnosis was so different. We were led to believe that Kang Woo existed when it was all in his head. The guilt he experienced from a young age scarred him for life. Seriously, the last few episode is really hard for me to get by.

Another thing that I enjoyed in this drama is the collection of the OSTs. Oh my, they are all great and well fitted in the drama! What's a drama without a good OSTs, right? Below are some of my favorite track.

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  1. Hi, light movie it seems.. Enjoyable..

  2. seriouslah ada skizo?! Tak suka sangat heroin tu tapi kalau bosan boleh la kot nak layan hehe

    1. haah... srs lahhhh hahahha su minat tgk heroin nii

  3. belum tengok lagi...mcm kisah cinta yg amat sangat

    1. agaklahh tapi best sebb side characters dia smua menarik