Wednesday 7 September 2022

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Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous [2005]

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Title: Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous

Runtime: 115 minutes

Genre: Comedy, Action

Director: Josh Pasquin

Writer: Marc Lawrence, Katie Ford, Caryn Lucas

Released year: 2005

Language: English

Related title(s): Miss Congeniality 

Casts: Sandra Bullock, Regina King


Due to involvement in Miss United States beauty pageant, Agent Gracie Hart was recognized everywhere. Her life as an FBI undercover agent was over and on top of the cake, her boyfriend, Agent Eric Matthews brake up with her and moves to Miami office as he is offered a higher position. On the advice of her boss, Gracie accept the position of the 'face' of the FBI and became one of the media-relations officer. 10 months forward, Gracie is now known to be a media darling and long gone the old Agent Gracie. When her friend, Miss United States, Cheryl and the beauty pageant host, Stan were kidnapped in Las Vegas, Gracie went there to assure the public. Coming with her is Agent Sam who is the opposite of the now Gracie as her bodyguard. The two is always go against each other and never see eye to eye. When Gracie uncovers new leads, she was immediately dismissed by the Assistant Director of Las Vegas HQ. Gracie then took upon herself to go undercover to save her  friend, Cheryl with the help of Agent Sam, her stylist Joel, and an insecure Agent Jeff from the Vegas office. 


I gotta start this review with I prefer the first movie but this sequel still had its charm. As expected, the plot is pretty much predictable and quite similar to the first movie. But Sandra totally killed her character as Gracie here, once again. I totally fall for her laugh-snort. 

The combination of Agent Gracie and Agent Sam was a total messy but they are the one that lift up this film. Each scenes with both of them had me rolling on the floor. I love how the Agent Gracie now would randomly said quote from famous designer to make her point. But that delivers well and those quote does actually fit in the situation! 

Adding up with these two were Joel and Agent Jeff. Joel is pretty much similar to Victor's character, but I prefer Victor's more but Joel is an okay character. He actually did contribute to the time I am laughing so he is good. Agent Jeff on the other hand, his character was just a mere tool for Agent Gracie and Agent Sam to get away from in the Las Vegas turf. 

Ignoring the barely there plot, I think I enjoyed the film just film with the silliness of the characters, cheesiness of the dialogues and just Sandra. It was a good stress reliever and an even better laughter inducers. If you enjoy the first one, this one might work with you but bear in mind that the plot progression is a copy and paste.

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