Tuesday 21 March 2023

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Legally Blonde [2001]

   Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! I heard it is the first week of the new school session, is it true? Hopefully everything went well for everyone, ya. Me myself just entered a new semester (now in third week) and it was super hectic already. So, here is a movie review to wind out our day. 

Title: Legally Blonde

Runtime: 96 minutes

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Director: Robert Luketic

Writer: Karen McCullah, Kirsten Smith

Released year: 2001

Casts: Reese Witherspoon, Luke Wilson, Selma Blair, Matthew Davis, Jennifer Coolidge

Country/Language: USA/English


Elle Woods had her life planned out. She is the president of her sorority and is in a relationship with the cutest, hottest fraternity boy, Warner Huntington III. When she thought that Warner will finally popped the question, she was dumped instead. The reason was that she is too blonde which will not be good for his public image if he wanted to be in the senate by 30. When Warner moved to Harvard Law, Elle was determined to get into Harvard Law to get him back. Upon arriving an spending her days in Harvard, Elle realized that it was so out of her comfort.


I watched this movie with a very very low expectation and so imagine my surprise when I found myself thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this movie. I truly enjoy Elle's character. She really give the impression of a dumb blonde when she is everything but that. 

I admit I was a little bit awry when Elle's mission to get into Harvard Law only to get Warner to notice her back and eventually popped the question to her. I would rather have her went to Harvard to prove Warner wrong but then her plan worked so much better! Plus, proving him wrong is so much sweeter with Elle's way anyway.

What I really appreciate of this movie is the way Elle's sorority supported and helped her to get into Harvard. They were super supportive. Also how Elle found a new friend, Paulette at the nail shop was beyond me. And the bond they had was so cute. And the way she never changed herself to fit in the Harvard Law was really boom! Pink in the middle of the blacks!

My favorite scene had to be the one where Elle got her chance to represent her fellow sorority girl(?) from murder charge. Never underestimate a blonde girl's knowledge of hair treatment. Not only she managed to defend her client, she also got the murder to confessed! A big success for law student I would say. So is this movie worth the watch? Of course it is!

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