Sunday 25 June 2023

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The Hustle [2019]

   Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! 

Title: The Hustle

Runtime: 93 minutes

Genre: Comedy, Crime

Director: Chris Addison

Writer: Stanley Shapiro, Paul Henning, Dale Launer, Jac Schaeffer

Released year: 2019

Casts: Rebel Wilson, Anne Hathaway

Country/Language: United States/English


Two con artists' world collide when they aimed to hustle in a small  French Rivera town where there was small number of men to con. Small number of men, big dollars. The two women; Penny and Josephine then place a bet on the one easy target, whoever con $500K out of him first win and the loser wuld have to leave the town.


Apparently, this movie is a remake of an old movie that I can't remember what the title is. Anyway, the IMDB rating on this movie is very low and I am not sure why. Because I really enjoyed my time watching this movie.

The pairing of Anne Hathaway with Rebel Wilson was impeccable. I love their chemistry together - though I must mentioned Anne sounds really weird with the European accent. Anyhow, this pair makes a really good work. I love it!

Being a comedy movie, it was natural for me to laugh and laugh and I did as I should! I am not sure if the jokes were the stupid one or just generally dad jokes, but I did have a lots of laughs while watching this. And sure, it was unrealistic like I mean, how can Josephine con people in that town for the longest time and never get caught, right? So what? I am not here for how realistically true this movie was, I am here just a good entertainment, and I got it. 

The storyline is quite good too. I mean, I did not expect the bet to take place. I thought it would be them conning their ways to rich men. And I definitely did not expect their target to have such an important role either. But it happened and it was great. Last thing, I really appreciate the scenery, the cinematography of the movie, it was beautiful. All in all, this movie is great for relaxation. 

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