61 Years with Independence

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Assalamualaikum, hello, ni hao, vanakkam dear Malaysian ! So, today is the day when the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al Hajj had declared that Federation of Malaya ( former name of Malaysia ) was independence from the British Empire. Thus, to commemorate the event, 31st August 1957, it was later announced as national holiday.

As we know, every year, there would be a theme for The Independence Day and as for this year, Sayangi Malaysia which could also be translated as Love My Malaysia. Bunkface's 'Kita Punya Malaysia' was selected as the official song theme.

As I was in semester break, watching YouTube is my daily thing now. So, I actually found some interesting video about Malaysia that I could share it here.

I don't know why, but this video actually came up on my recommendation, so I just watch it. I think this video is fun and easy to understand as the guy who explain every word are really good. I have never learnt history in English, but I can understand what he was trying to say. This channel is really fun, check it out yourself here

This one is another interesting video because you could actually find out what foreigner said about Malaysia. I was very surprised when one of the guy mention that Malaysia is famous for photography because, I don't really think so. This channel is very fun to subscribe and they upload their videos weekly, check it out here !

This channel was actually conducted by a traveller so he usually uploaded his travelling vlog.And as you can guess, that video is about Malaysia, and how diverse it is. If you are interested in travelling to other country, check out his channel here.

I hope that we as Malaysian could continue to live in peaceful, harmony and respecting each other. Happy Independence Day Malaysia ! And, happy holiday =DD. There was a few quizzes about Malaysia that I found online, so I guess, I will leave with those quizzes as my closing. Good luck ~

Quiz 1

Quiz 2

Quiz 3



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