Sunday 18 November 2018

Still 17

November 18, 2018 1 Comments
Assalamualaikum and hey ! So, I recently finished watching another k-drama and it was an awesome drama ! *doublethumbsup. I admit that this drama had nothing to do with law nor crime nor medical but it still manage to won my heart !

Title : Still 17 / Thirty but Seventeen / Seoreunijiman Yeolilgobibmida /
Episodes : 32 ( 35 minutes each )
Network : SBS
Plot :

Gong Woo Jin is a 30 years old who works as a set designer. Due to painful experiences, he refuse to have connection to people. Woo Seo Ri is a violinist who woke up from a coma after an accident 13 years ago. In her mind, she is still 17 years old girl but in reality, she is 30. To find her aunt and uncle, the two of them cross path.

I actually had found one book that had similar story plot to this drama, but I had never read that book. And I'm not sure if it's printed book. Well, let's get to the real deal.


First, I wanna say that this drama is very very cute. Like, you had a crush on someone but years later you found out that someone also had a crush on you. But honey, this story are not as simple as that. Both of the main characters had to deal with their own discomfort. For Woo Seo Ri, I felt really sorry for her. In her mind, she only slept for a day as she remember when she got into the accident but in reality she already slept for 13 years and she is 30 years old. It was very sad every time she imagined what would happen if she didn't involve in the accident. Every time she did, I would definitely think, 'what if it happens to me ?'. 

Second, Gong Woo Jin. He had been stuck in his 17 years old as he couldn't forget what had happen to him. I don't want to spoil the fun and told you but yes, it shad something to do with Seo Ri's accident. He started to act cold to people, afraid that he will interfere in someone's life again. He always went abroad, away from people and when he came back, he never think of what others think of him, even if he was accused as a pervert. But when he finally realized that he liked Seo Ri, and opened up to her, it was so cute. He was like high school boy in love. 

I definitely love the plot line and how it change from where they were 17 and when they are 30. In my opinion, there was nothing left out and the ending is definitely the best. I think this drama is way better and sweeter than other dramas that I had watch. This drama had made into my favorite list. Besides all of the sweetness, there was also sense of humor in this drama. Especially with the appearance of Chan's (woojin's nephew) close friends. One being that smart-ass but too old looking and another being that handsome and dumb. It was a very good combination. They got especially funny when they tried to be friendly with Woo Jin. And not to forget, Jennifer, she is another one of a kind that make this drama more interesting than it already is.

I love how this story unravel the mystery during the 13 years of Woo Seo Ri being unconscious. Where her uncle and aunt gone, how the house was sold to another person and mostly, who paid for her hospital bill. A little bit plot twist over here, as I thought it would be Seo Ri's uncle, but it was not him. The one who paid for the hospital bill was someone that had never cross my mind. Nevertheless, the drama is great, not too heavy and not too light. It is just fine.

Like always, I will leave with my favorite quote from this drama,

"No matter how painful a moment may be, it'll all pass. its up to you whether to ignore it or leave it as a regret, or whether you make it into a memory you want to look back on." - Jennifer

"They say, 'when one door to happiness close, another door to happiness opens up for you. but many of us are only focuses on the closed door and doesn't even realize that another door has opened up. perhaps, the other door to happiness might not be something grand or special. perhaps, the small and trivial things that look insignificant are the other doors to happiness. if you don't flop down in front of a closed door, before its too late, if you take a look at the other door to happiness, if you muster up the courage and walk towards it,then perhaps, you could find happiness that you don't even realized exist." - Gong Woo Jin

Wednesday 14 November 2018

Be With You

November 14, 2018 0 Comments
Assalamualaikum ! Here is another review of a movie. It is Korean movie that was out this year. I actually watched this movie because of my friend. She is a big fan of the actor in this movie so he make me watch this, so I did.

Title : Be With You / Now, I Am Coming To See You / Jigeum Mannareo Gabmida / 지금 만나러갑니다
Runtime : 131 Minutes
Release Year : 2018
Distributor : LOTTE Entertaintment
Country : South Korea
Cast : So Ji Sub, Son Ye Jin, Kim Ji Hwan
Plot :

After his wife, Soo Ah died, Woo Jin take care of his son, Ji Ho alone. Before Soo Ah died, she made a promise to her son that she would come back on rainy days after a year. One day, Soo Ah appeared in front of them but she couldn't remember anything.

This movie is based on a Japan novel, 'Ima, Ai Ni Yukimasu' written by Takuji Ichikawa.


I reaaaaaaaally love the intro part of this movie. They started it a cute animation of penguins that had the same plot of this movie. And as I continued to watch, I realized that the animation and this movie is actually the same. At first, I doubted that it will be the same because Soo Ah lost her memory, but I knows it is same when the movie comes to the end.

A friendly warning, this is actually very very very sad movie. I'm not sure how many times did I cry when I watched the movie but I am very sure that I cried. I got to say that this movie is very beautiful even thought it is quite unbelievable. I mean, how can someone who had died came back after one year ?

When Woo Jin and Ji Ho found Soo Ah under the tunnel, I thought that she is another person who had the same face because she had no memory of them. When Woo Jin told Ji Ho to not told Soo Ah that she once died, I thought Woo Jin wanted to let Soo Ah acted like Ji Ho's mother, so that he didn't become sad once he knew that she is not her real mother. But I was wrong because that Soo Ah is really Ji Ho's mother. Since then, they started living together and Soo Ah started to learn that Ji Ho is her son and Woo Jin is her husband. She learned from the started, where he first knew Woo Jin and I got to say that their love story is really cute.

When Soo Ah realized that she is dead and will left her little family,she started to teach Ji Ho how to do house works. This was the time when I realized that she is Ji Ho's mother. When she finally left them, they did felt sad for a good time but they finally moving on. Their life are getting better with Soo Ah help. The family-hood in this movie is very strong and touching. I love the ending. The plot is simple but enjoyable. Even thought the was no plot twist, it is really good.

this is before they met Soo Ah, Ji Ho keep wore raincoat to school, hoping that it will rain

it was raining, Ji Ho went to train station, hoping to see his mother

woo jin missing his wife

Ji Ho washed his friend's father's car

okay, this is just some beautiful scenery that I need to share

this is sad sceneeeeeeeeee , i criiii

Soo Ah's leaving sobsob

Interested ? try to watch it !


Monday 12 November 2018

GIVEAWAY BUKU by budakvanilla

November 12, 2018 5 Comments

Hi, so I decide to join another giveaway because the prize is something that I really really really love to have. To be honest, I read quite a lot but I've ignoring my books since SPM. *facepalm 

"Macam mana boleh terjebak dengan buku"

To answer this question, honestly, I don't really know. I just did ? Or maybe I got influence from my older sister who read tons of novels. When I was 9 , or 10 years old, I kept questioning her what so great about reading. But then, I fall into reading. Nowadays, I am into poems.

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Thursday 8 November 2018

Thoughtless Thursday #011

November 08, 2018 1 Comments

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Warm greeting to every one of you, it's been quite long since I did this thoughtless thursday  all because of hectic schedule of being a student (more like I didn't manage my time well) and me, being so lazy. Currently, being a last year diploma student scares me for what will come in the future.

I have been questioning my decision for a year of  being a business student instead of pursuing what  really want to. People kept telling me to let all of my dream go and live in the present time but I can't do that. I kept thinking whether it will be okay for me to start anew. I am considering to take medicine, which mean that I will be somewhat 'wasting' two years of my time for completing my diploma in business. I keep thinking of my family's acceptance, what they gonna say and all. I hope they would never will question my decision, never spoke out their thought.

The only option for me is, to challenge myself with something I never really enjoy of or to challenge myself for the things I enjoy. 

I wish I could stop worrying, I wish I stop this stupid overthinking and above all, I wish I would never had this anxiety. It's terrible. Pray for myself.

Friday 2 November 2018

Miss Hammurabi

November 02, 2018 6 Comments
Assalamualaikum, here goes another k-drama review. Usually, a law-based k-drama will revolving around prosecutor or lawyer but this drama revolve more of judges than another law-based occupation. And unlike the other drama that centralized on criminal crime, this is more to civil crime but there still mention of criminal crime. Honestly, I watched this drama because of L and I definitely not regretting it because this drama is quite fun. Not because of him, but because of Go Ara and Song Dong Il.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Miss Hammurabi /Misseu Hammurabi / 미스 함무라비
Episodes : 16
Network : JTBC
Cast : L, Go Ara, Song Dong Il
Plot :

Park Cha Oh Reum is a rookie judges that was assigned to Department 44, the same department with Im Ba Reun, a senior judges who used to go to same high school as her. Park Cha Oh Reum doesn't accept prejudice and blindly follow the order from her authority. She can't tolerate injustice and had a strong will.

First, I need to apologize as this review is completely based on my memory. My notes on this drama is lost and I have no idea where it goes. *cryingariver


First thing first, L is definitely did a good job for the character, Im Ba Reun ( maybe because it's similar to his real life character, based on what I watch on shows ). His character portrays a worker who followed rules and never go against his authority. So, when he had a junior, Park Cha Oh Reum, who often make scenes at work, it was a hilarious. He simply couldn't handle her.

Park Cha Oh Reum, used to live as a wealthy girl but her family went bankrupt and her father died.  She then stay with her grandmother. She became the center of attention ever since she go against her presiding judge. She tends to choose sides when she in court, which usually will arise problem. She is known to be troublemaker of the court. With the help of her senior, Im Ba Reun and the presiding judge, Han Se Sang, she improve herself before taking action. I love how she always enthusiastic about her work but sometimes I feel frustrated because of she kind of always had her nose in others business. She just couldn't mind her own business !

As usual, the side characters are the one who always make the drama more interesting. First, the presiding judge, Han Se Sang. He is an actor that K-drama fans would immediately recognized as he is in a lot of project. In this drama, he had a character of a late bloomer of a judge. He appeared to be strict and unfriendly boss but he indeed, had a kind and soft heart. This kind of character really suite him well. Because of Oh Reum enthusiasm and constant on being troublemaker, he always on edge. He sometimes appear intimidated by her and let her take her way, which always make me frustrated.

And my most favorite one, Jung Bo Wang, the noisy co-worker from another department also a friend-since-high-school of Im Ba Reun and Lee Do Yeon, the clerk of Department 44. I think they are really cute together. Lee Do Yeon is a hard-working clerk who didn't give a damn about others and always appear cold to other people make Jung Bo Wang had a hard time to approach her. He definitely interested in her but had no idea how to woo her. When Ba Reun and Oh Reum teased him, he always denied them.

Overall of the story, it is a bit boring for me. However, there are few aspects that make me continue to watch this drama.  First, the history of Park Cha Oh Reum. When the story first started, it shows her bravery to openly faced a sexual harrasser inside of train. But when the flashback scene is on, she appear to be a timid and quiet girl. I am wondering what is her turning point for her to change the way she are, so I keep watching. Second and last, ever since the first episode, it is obvious that Im Ba Reun liked her and he did confessed to her but was rejected. So, I waited for her to accept him which happen on the freaking last episode. *facepalm

This drama teaches me that, it is okay to break the stereotype. Why did I say so ? Because there was this one scene where Oh Reum told her presiding judge that a very kind judge was abusing his power as a judge. Even thought she was criticized by her fellow colleagues, the one who was at fault, thank her. Right then, I realized that even thought what she did is out of norm, she actually did a favor for that judge. And like always, I will ended this with a quote,

"It may look like striking a rock with an egg,but surprisingly it can change the world at times, if someone ask a question. The kind of question that no one is asking even though it must be asked."