Monday, 15 July 2019

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Door Lock

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Title : Door Lock / Doeorak / 도어럭
Runtime : 102 minutes
Genre : Thriller, Horror
Released year : 2018
Country : South Korea
Distributor : Megabox Plus M
Cast : Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Ye Won
Plot :

Kyung Min lives alone in a studio apartment. One day, she realized that someone had broke into her apartment but when she reported the case to the police, they took it lightly. One day, her colleague came to her house to return her purse that was left in his car. Suspecting him to be the one who broke into her house, Kyung Min immediately went to the lobby and called the police. However, when they went back to her apartment, the man was found dead.

I had been waiting for this movie to be released ever since I watched the trailer on YouTube. All I got to say is, it definitely worth my wait. Seriously.


Honestly, I hate watching horror movies but I guess I can put an exception for this movie. From the first scene of this movie, my heart was already ran miles. I was seriously nervous about watching this movie. And guess what, my hands are shaking while typing this. Lol. I was planning to watch this right after I begin my break but the door lock of my room was broken, hence I decided to postpone. Such a coward, I know.

The horror genre of this movie are not the ghost-type of horror. It is human type. A horror with a psychopath and to be honest, this type of horror are scarier than the ghost-type. The one who broke into Kyung Min's apartment are seriously scary. He really does looked nice but who knows that he changed when the night comes. The fact that he, himself knew that he is a psychopath make it scarier. 

The plot are really well plotted and smooth. Even though I had my hands clutching in front of my face with my eyes tried to peak out behind it all the time, I definitely still could grasp on every scene. At first, I was confused to why should he broke into her house in the middle of night and make it like his own. He took a bath in her bathroom, had few of his things in her cabinet, few of his clothes in her closet  (I still didn't know how can she not notice that) and even slept beside her on her bed with his arm around her ! But then it was revealed that he did it all because he loves her. He had feelings for Kyung Min that he is willing to kill. Toxic type of love, if you asked me.

This movie got me scared to have my own house (not that I am planning to buy my own in the near time). I mean, the door lock system in South Korea are improved but he still got the access to her house. If another horror movie will took place in a large, palace-like house, this one only happened in a studio apartment. The smallest size of an apartment. She had no place to hide and will immediately got caught.

The most terrifying scene was the one when Kyung Min found a house in a desolated area with the same passcode as her apartment. I seriously felt like cursing when she, bravely went into the house. Scream typical horror movie. Another one was when Kyung Min was abducted by the psychopath. I still couldn't get his word to Kyung Min out of my head.

What he said was,

"If you want to run away, then do. But, if I was able to catch you, I will cut off both of your arms and legs."
Crazy ? I know. I didn't even realize that I was holding my breath until my mom came into my room. I had to take a break from this movie for a moment before watching the last scene. It was too intense for me.

For all of the thriller lovers, take this shot. I'm out. 9/10 for this movie. I will leave the trailer that make me wait for so long. 




  1. fuhhh I need to watch this seriously!

  2. omg!! after read all of this I think I'm gonna watch it myself... its sound really interesting... anyway, this is my 1st visit.. done follow ur blog.. please followback.. thank you =D

    1. please do watch ! and welcome to my blog =)

  3. okay thriller camni kena tengok ni

  4. i just watched this movie and i am a little bit scared. for your information, it is 4;44am which makes it a lot scarier and btw i love your blog. good luck <3

    1. this movie is crazy scary right?! why did you watch it so late? i think i watch this movie in the afternoon and still got myself scared. and thank you for your kind words!